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I can see the fish, but how the hell would I get them out of there?!

I bet you can’t go past a piece of water without looking or at least thinking about what might swim in it, indeed I guess this “affliction” as such is part and parcel of what makes us anglers. Regular people are walking around and no doubt wondering what on earth the likes of you and I are doing as we peer into the water and then yelp like excited puppies when we see fish. Catching fish is at the top of my list of course, but I also love simply watching fish swim and move around.

I shot the short video above where I was fishing yesterday evening, and please excuse the fact that it’s merely a bit of dodgy iPhone video work, because I wanted you to see what I saw and understand my thrill at seeing these fish feeding like this, but then my reluctance to actually try and hook them because of where they were feeding! I’d have fancied my chances of at least hooking one of these mullet or even the lone bass that pops up towards the end of the footage, but I can think of better places to try and get a hooked fish out of!

I caught a bunch of small bass where I was fishing, and whilst they were hardly going to break records it was good to see so much life about. Watching them literally fight over the chance to nail my little IMA Pugachev’s Cobra surface lure had me giggling every single time, and when conditions are like that it reminds me how much I need to be carrying a slightly quieter and subtler surface lure. Has lure fishing gone and made me more subtle?!

I have a couple of new lure rods here to try out and review in due course, and I must give credit to the UK based TronixPro people for having the balls to develop and then bring to market high end lure rods like these that are retailing at around the £300 mark. Rung with Torzite guides and looking rather damn lovely, I have the HTO Shore Game 8’8’’ 7-28g and 9’6’’ 7-35g rods here, and I fished with the 8’8’’ yesterday evening. Very interesting, and especially with the little 2016 Daiwa Certate 2500 strapped to it. Crumbs. I need help. More to come, but you all have a good weekend, may England beat Australia in the rugby on Saturday morning, and may the shift in the wind direction that is forecast to happen bring my local coastline back to life. Fishing eh? I’ve been at this fishing thing for 35 years now and the addiction just keeps on getting worse………..