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I could cheerfully talk to Dave of Diver Dave’s wader repair all day long

I absolutely love talking to knowledgeable people who are also passionate about their subjects, and whilst to non-anglers the whole subject of waders and wader related issues may not be of any interest at all, I could cheerfully talk to Dave Gordon of DiverDave’s Wader repair all day long. Holy cow the guy knows his stuff, and whilst I haven’t actually met Dave yet, we have talked a few times now, including yesterday, and every time I come away with yet more understanding of all things waders and a hope that one day we will get to meet up and say hi.

Lots of people know plenty of stuff, but if there is one thing that turns me right off somebody is if they are then overbearing and/or tedious with that knowledge. Talk with Dave on the phone and you can’t help but be infected with his enthusiasm and understanding of the whole world of waders - and yes, I know that might sound a bit odd when waders are not exactly the most exciting things in the world, but that’s the whole point here. People who are knowledgeable, passionate, AND can then bring that subject to life. I don’t want to embarrass the bloke, but he is genuinely fascinating to talk to on the phone.

I’ve got some Simms waders to send up to Dave because the bloody things keep on springing a leak somewhere new and the alcohol rubbing spray technique that I use isn’t stopping water getting in anymore. I am also mightily interested in what Dave calls “Warranty Replacement” waders - my understanding is that they get various new or very nearly new waders in that they then do their wader testing and repair thing to and then offer them for sale at some really good prices. I believe the best way to go about getting some of these waders is either to contact the guys here, or keep an eye on their Facebook page which is at “Dave Gordon (Diverdaves wader repair)”. Dave is very kindly sending me a bottle of his “Repel” waterproof spray to see how it might work for me (check here), and from how he was describing the stuff, it sounds like it might be really useful for our fishing jackets and waders. I will report back. OK, so if I was running this blog from the Seychelles we would never be talking about waders, but I don’t, and we are……….