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I could get this striper stuff very badly.........

It's been tough fishing, but at least we are catching a few fish and perhaps more importantly, we are learning a hell of a lot and meeting some good local anglers. Talk about helpful. Once these guys work out that you are for real then they could not do more to try and put you on the fish. Gordon and I have hooked up with a couple of very cool anglers from Cornwall who have come over here for a couple of weeks to see what the striper thing is all about. Above is Ruan with a bass he smashed off the top yesterday morning in some divine conditions. So like home or Ireland. A few hours when it was perfect, but an increasing onshore breeze had essentially blown the location out by that afternoon.

These local anglers are big, big into their weightless plastics for striper fishing, and especially the Slug-Go and Hogy lures. I managed to take a small fish off this point last night in the dark. Only small it might have been, but again it's a huge confidence thing to fish they way you are advised to and then catch on it. Our ways of bass fishing are in so many ways almost scarily similar, but a few ways in which they fish their weightless plastics I reckon might work very well for "our" bass back home.

I am coming back next June on the right tides. There are ways of doing this shore fishing for stripers so that it need not be stupidly expensive at all. These Cornish lads have done all their own homework and research, and then like us they are asking the right locals for help and advice. Plus of course you begin to fish and work out what is going on a bit, and very much like we do on our Ireland trips for example, you try to build up knowledge that helps you to learn about fishing spots for different tides, winds etc. Next June I am going to bring a load of proper gear and see if I can get in amongst the stripers in a serious way...........I have got it bad with bass in general, and especially with heading over to Ireland. I am feeling that I could get these US striped bass very badly as well.