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I could seriously get into sight fishing for bass

Although we only had an hour or two on the hunt for bass that we could actually see, wow has it got my brain racing. After a day in the office with some of the Fiiish people at their offices outside of Brest last Thursday, their lure designer Matt took me out on Friday to have a look around the coastline, and first off we headed up a beautiful and very quiet little estuary to have a look for a few bass……

I know that Matt would have preferred neap tides to keep the water that bit longer, but we did see a few bass mooching around, including one that must have been 8lb+. Seeing bass though doesn’t mean that you are going to catch them!! If we can see them, then I am working on the assumption that for the most part they can see us, and this cracker of a bass was having none of it!! Still, just to see a fish like that moving around in such clear water and so close to the edge was enough to induce a bit of racing heart fever. This particular little estuary had a sandy bottom, and as such the water was very clear - the amount of mullet moving down with the ebb tide was extraordinary. Matt also showed me a big stretch of coastline that just screamed bass fishing, and we saw a stack of big mullet feeding on sardines that the commercial boats had spilled in a big harbour. I am now bashing my brain to think of potential spots around me where sight fishing for bass might be a realistic possibility.

Pretty soon after I arrived at the Fiiish offices last Thursday, I got to see the prototypes that Matt has been working on. Obviously I can say nothing about them here, save for my own opinion that if he gets this new concept right, holy frigging cow will these be some seriously interesting lures. I nearly fell flat on my face when I first saw one of the prototypes swimming in the tank at the Fiiish offices, and Matt and I then had a play with them out on the open coast after that bit of sight fishing. Let’s just say that this concept is “rather interesting” to say the least, and I can’t wait to see how it develops further. I really want to shout from the rooftops about this new concept because I think it could work for so many anglers, but I can’t. Fish beware?

I know that Matt has also been working on another project recently, and I also got to see this one. It kinda helps I suppose that the newest version of this project had been pretty well tested early last week on a few bass that Matt nailed out on his boat, with the biggest couple of fish going around the 12-14lb mark. Product testing isn’t always what anglers think it might actually be, and via various things that I have seen and heard over the years, I can’t help but respect how much time, energy and of course resources that Fiiish put into their product testing. I love going to France and I consider it a privilege to spend time around such forward thinking anglers.