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I don't see how the fishing experience can get much more fun than this

OK, so I am a little biased because I love coming to Ireland and I passionately believe in these co-guided trips that John Quinlan and I are running out of Thatch Cottage Fishing Lodge here in Kerry, but it has really struck home to me the amount of smiling and laughing that goes on during our trips - and I wonder if you were to take the whole fishing experience (fish, place, people etc.) and examine it whether you could actually have more fun doing anything else anywhere else. Take a look at the photo below and see how much that one bass taken off the top means to our client Paul Guest. He then went on to take his first ever salmon on the fly a few hours after that early morning bass fishing. A little biased? OK, I’m completely biased. I absolutely bloody love this guiding work with John, and I reckon we are offering something pretty damn unique - and hell yes, I am damn proud of what we do……

These last four days have been an absolute blast, but then the four day trip before this one was brilliant as well. Catching bass from the shore takes hard work, and we’ve had all kinds of bass fishing from tough to good, but if these trips were about bass only then I don’t think I would be so into doing them. The more I learn about this unique part of Kerry, the more I am coming to realise just how much fishing there really is, and how many options we have for our clients. Think about the amount of anglers who chase salmon and have never actually caught one, yet within fifteen minutes from prime bass fishing there is a remarkably consistent salmon river that threw up two fish and a couple of hooked and losts - granted, you need the right water conditions to go and do this salmon fishing, but due to a dumping of rain the other night, we got those conditions, and because of how John works his river fishing, save for our clients needing to buy a one day salmon license, it’s all part of the package.

I am heading for home today - a night staying closer to Rosslare and then the 9am ferry tomorrow morning and back home in time for the second warm up game between England and France, whilst listening to the last test on TMS enroute. John and I are running some more co-guided trips in October over what are potentially the best bass fishing tides of the year out here, and we have a place or two left that I will get up here in due course. In the meantime though, if you are interested in coming along and having a huge amount of fun in one of the most special places you could imagine, get in touch with me here. You all have a good weekend, and may your fishing be even half as fun as what we have been having out here.