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I feel the need for..........properly hot coffee and tea

Anybody who fishes has I am sure owned some kind of stainless steel "unbreakable" flask at sometime or another - how we survive without them has always been beyond me, and I am sure you can all remember smashing any number of those older plastic types when they dropped on the rocks. But, whilst I reckon the 1 litre plus size stainless steel flasks have mostly been pretty good at keeping life's essentials nice and hot (coffee is my thing in a big way), it's the smaller, more mobile 0.8 and 0.5 litre sizes that have always let the side down. Why I am not sure, perhaps its something to do with physics, but the other day really opened my eyes up. I really want to take a small flask of coffee out with me, when I am fishing or photographing, but I don't want to take it if my coffee does not come out nice and hot. Not that I am particular or anything like that !!

We were bass fishing on the rocks in Cornwall the other day, and Steve offered me a cup of tea - very kind of him, but when I saw the small size of flask come out I was expecting a slightly cold to mildly warm cup at best. Still, it would have been rude to turn it down when I had said yes already. Close your eyes and take a big gulp, get it over nice and quick. So you can imagine I am sure Steve sniggering away when I damn nearly burnt the roof of my mouth off !! What on earth was keeping that so hot ?

I feel like a bit of a fool for not having stumbled upon the new Thermos Ultimate Flask when they came out, but thanks to Steve I have now got the little 0.5 litre one. Honestly, I can not tell you how good these things are, indeed if we were to get into flask technology (but let's not because I know nothing about it) then I am guessing that these are the next generation. Excuse the garbage photo, but I took a screen grab off the internet. You can also get a larger 0.8 litre version, and while I will end up getting one of them as well, the little 0.5 litre one fits perfectly in my camera rucksack for my bass fishing trips. How can this new flask be so much better ? Beats me, but you seriously have to give this one a go if you are like so many anglers and struggle to spend too much time away from tea or coffee. A flask is the kind of thing we overlook and just accept as working as best it can, so I can't thank Steve enough for putting me on to these little beauties. All I have to do now is turn my back when I am out fishing so I can keep all the hot coffee to myself !!

For the moment I am not aware of any fishing tackle outlets selling these new Thermos Ultimate Flasks - you can get them from Amazon here if that helps. Sure, they cost more than a regular stainless steel flask, but they just plain work, and that's enough for me. Make sure to preheat them with boiling water for a while before you put your tea or coffee in them. I love it when such simple items like a flask can be made just so much better.

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