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I guess I'm a sucker for these ultra-shallow divers

I don't quite know why it's the ultra-shallow diving bass lures that tend to get to me the most, but they do. Lures like the tackle House Feed Shallow, the IMA Komomo SF-125 and even the MegaBass Zonk Gataride 120 (if you force it up) just do it for me. OK, so I tend to like fishing a lot of really shallow water for bass where lures like this are always in with a shout, but for me I suppose it tends to be that I just really like the idea of a very intense silhouette working just beneath the surface. In my mind this appeals to bass, and also in deeper water where the fish I am guessing can really make out a lure very clearly that swims very shallow.

I stumbled upon this F-Tec S Four 13 Real Head (130mm, 24g, floating) the other day and decided that I had to get one to have a play around with - this lure has actually been around for a long time in Japan I have found out, and when you look at it you can see why a lure like the Feed Shallow exists. This F-Tec ultra-shallow diver is a substantial lure, and it is very noisy - you are not going to put this thing on when you want to get all subtle on the bass. It casts great, looks awesome, and I know it will catch me bass in certain situations. If it is any help, I got this lure here, and you can check out F-Tec's website right here. They do some really good looking lures......

This F-Tec S Four 13 Real Head (phew) is stated to swim at no deeper than 15cms however fast you wind it, and from playing around with it a bit I tend to agree. This is my kind of bass lure for a number of different situations. As with many cut-face lures, this one has a very intense head-shaking action, and I mean really intense. This F-Tec is mesmerizing to watch when you wind it back, and I do reckon that a lure like this does in fact like nothing more than a straight-retrieve. Nice and easy. It's loud, it has a wide profile, and it definitely lets the bass know something is there. My personal opinion with this one is that the action intensifies hugely when you wind it a medium to medium-slow pace.

It's a very buoyant lure, and you can wind it really slow and get it to wake right across the surface as well - thinking about it, the new IMA Komomo II strikes me as a smaller version of this kind of lure. The more I learn about bass lures, the more I am seeing why some of the ideas and thoughts have been implemented. Is this (new to me) F-Tec lure going to catch me a bunch of fish ? Only time will tell, but considering that a lot of this lure fishing comes down to confidence, then it makes sense that I often turn to an ultra-shallow diving minnow - because they make me feel so confident. We shall see..........

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