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I guess summer's over !!

Those were some pretty wild conditions along the south coast of the UK on Friday evening and Saturday morning - I guess that with that first winter storm I can safely say that any notion of an extension to our Indian Summer is safely tucked away until next year. While we don't seem to get anywhere near the amount of south westerly gales that we used to, there is no denying that very strong winds and really stormy conditions are very exciting. Ten years ago and I would have been hot-footing it up to north Cornwall to bash a bunch of codling off somewhere like Newquay Headland or Flat Rock up the Camel estuary. Now that was some properly fun fishing.....

Anyway, I don't have any photos of the storms we had down here, so I thought a bit of big blue sky fishing might brighten up a very windy Monday morning. This photo is of one of the outstanding FlyCastaway guides spotting GTs for his clients on the remote Cosmoledo atoll in the Seychelles - and believe it or not, the Indian Ocean gets some seriously major storms from time to time.But they do also get a lot of big blue sky days when the heat is so intense that it feels like stepping into an oven. I love it.

My weekend revolved around a birthday party for my youngest daughter who has just turned three, and also having to suffer another turgid, dire and frustrating England rugby international. I am not sure how much more English rugby I can take if they are going to continue to play with such fear and such a complete lack of attacking know-how. Martin Johnson is my biggest rugby hero of all time, but I get the impression that he must be close to hauling his players outside and physically beating a notion of how to play rugby on the big stage into them. We came horribly close to losing to Argentina, and there was me thinking that the previous performance against Australia was as bad as it could get. I am dreading this coming Saturday's game against the All Blacks. November 2003 seems like a hell of long time ago now.

Still, there is always the new Slayer album to bring a smile to one's face - if we are going to be perfectly honest here, there is no getting away from the fact that the greatest thrash metal band of all time have not actually released a world class album since the mighty "Seasons in the Abyss". Any band that has the best thrash metal album of all time ("Reign in Blood") in their back catalogue can be excused most things, but the last twenty or so years have seen a real mix of releases. I hate saying that, but it's the truth. There has been some really good stuff from Slayer since "Seasons", but there has also been some "treading water" thrash metal - go back and listen to their early stuff and you are going to have to agree with me. This also makes me feel a bit old, because we used to cover some tracks off "Seasons" in my band at school !! Their new album "World Painted Blood" has taken a long time for me to get into - at first I was not overly impressed, but the more I listen to it, the more it has grown on me. It is not their best, but it is better than a lot of stuff they have done recently. In fact I would say it is pretty awesome. Check out a few tracks here and see if you agree with me. This one takes a lot of listening to get your head around it, but it's worth it.And nobody does it live like Slayer. Thrash metal is alive and kicking. Life is good.

Thanks to those of you who have responded to my last post "How would you like to work in fishing ?" - I have your emails here, and rest assured that they will be forwarded onto the right people. They will be looked at, and if the fishing tackle company sees something or somebody they want to talk to further, they will be in touch. Keep the emails coming in if you want to be considered.

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