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I have an advance copy of my book

I did not know this was coming, but I got a great birthday present yesterday when I received an advance copy of my latest book in the post - to say I am pleased would be an understatement !! To actually have in my hands the finished, printed product that took up over six full months of my life is a great feeling and it gives me a huge kick to see all my photos and words that have come together like this. Click here to see what this book is all about, and I believe it hits the shops in April. I know advance copies can be ordered by clicking here. Yesterday felt a bit like when you first get to see an edited TV show that you have spent so long planning and filming - relief, pride, a bit of anxiety (is it going to sell, or are people going to watch it ?), and a real buzz. Being part of a such a colaborative, creative process is a hugely exciting part of my work. All credit and thanks as well to my good friend and outstanding fly fishing instructor/guide Nick Hart for writing the technical fly casting and flies pages. If you want to learn about fly fishing, you really need to speak to Nick, and he even has an excellent shop right on a stunning fishery, plus a great website where you can buy loads of fly fishing products that he personally recommends. Click here to access that site.

A really nice guy who helped us out when we went filming the shore fishing in Norway around Saltstraumen has emailed me to tell me he has been catching some nice coalfish on the fly, off the shore - up to about 8lbs. Now that must be pretty explosive on fly gear. That part of Norway has some truly giant coalfish that can be caught off the shore in winter (wrap up warm), indeed they have had fish on lures over 50lbs I believe (yes, bigger than the boat record). There are also some big cod and halibut as well. Norway is a great country, and I am hoping to get to know more of it over the next few years. As well as some fantastic fishing, friendly people and outrageous scenery, of course it is the spiritual home of black metal, the finest music on this earth. Look here to find out more and then start getting some of it in to your life - you know you want to.

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