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I reckon that’s about as good as sport gets - mighty, mighty England!

The most awesome match possible that revolved largely around selfless bravery from putting bodies on the line again and again for wave after wave of gold attack, and in my mind the most significant result since November 2003. Sustained but legal violence throughout the eighty minutes plus on the pitch, yet not a single mention of any fan based violence in the press which seems to so blight these Euro things that are going on. Nope, rugby will always be where it is at for me, and Saturday was just frigging epic………

If you are an England rugby supporter then it’s been a long, long road from the World Cup success of 2003 - plenty of downs, a few mainly false ups that so cruelly raise our hopes and then dash them like feeding mullet that are feeding on everything else save your bait, but forever the hope eternal that the proverbial corner will be turned and we will get back to being pretty damn good at the sport which, let’s face it, we invented.

Nearly thirteen years later and we are finally the real deal again, and to me it’s so damn exciting that we have so much more development to come. We can dream once more of three years down the line - could we do it again? Heading down to Australia and winning the three match series 2-0 - with one more to come of course - well that’s just immense. OK, so I can’t help but wonder how we might have done against the current All Black side which is brushing Wales aside with a worrying injection of class in the second halves of each game, but this changes nothing - a newish (Australian!) coach has taken his side to the southern hemisphere after the success of the Grand Slam and delivered something which has never been done by an English side before. Series wins down south don’t exactly come delivered on silver platters, and yes, I had moist eyes come the final whistle on Saturday. World Cup aside, that’s about as good sport gets in my view.

We need to remember that Australia were the beaten finalists in last year’s World Cup, and we have turned them over in their own backyard - and it looks like there is so much more to come. Imagine if Eddie Jones and his staff can sort out a world class attack to go with everything else that is starting to come together so nicely. Damn right I’m excited about England rugby all over again, and damn right I am now starting to dream about the 2019 World Cup. Mighty, mighty England. It bugs the hell out of me that I pay for Sky Sports yet never, ever watch a single minute of sodding football, but Saturday’s game of rugby has made it all worthwhile! Heady days.

Oh, and please could we have our summer back. I am getting far too used to doing barbecues under big garden umbrellas like I do through the winter, and I’d love a bit of that weather back that we were gifted last half-term………..