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I so wish we had better shore based pollack fishing around here

There may be a plenty of bass anglers who for whatever reasons look down their noses at fishing for pollack, but I’ll take a 5lb+ pollack on the sort of lure gear we use for bass any day of the week. Give me a lonely headland on some beautiful deserted coastline and a crash-diving pollack and I can’t really see how shore fishing in the UK and Ireland can get much more fun. Oh how I wish that we had the sort of shore pollack fishing around here that can be found with such regularity in parts of Ireland and the Isles of Scilly. These flat calm, crystal clear and seemingly lifeless conditions we currently have - although I’ll take this warmth and sunshine thank you very much - well I’d love to be able to head out for a bit of pollack fishing armed with my bass gear and a few lures.

I am not saying that Devon and Cornwall are devoid of pollack, rather that the chance of a bunch of decent fish from the shore ain’t exactly that good - too many people, too much inshore netting? Down in Kerry for example you don’t really raise an eyebrow at say a 5lb pollack from the shore, and whilst I’d love to be catching 5lb bass all day long, I do love what I tend to refer to as a sort of “glorious lack of subtlety” that you get with pollack. Give me that tap, tap, bang, on, crash dive any day of the week, and whilst pollack obviously aren’t so varied with their terrains etc., I just can’t go bass fishing all the time. I love it, but I need a bit of variety, and whilst yet again this year seems to be getting away from me with stuff in the diary, I have made a promise to myself that if I don’t head over to the west coast of Ireland on a non-bass fishing trip next year - pollack, mullet, wrasse etc. - then you can all get together and give me a collective slap in the chops. Life’s too short not to be doing this sort of stuff, and with the reports of bass fishing over in Ireland recently I am wondering once again if emigration is required!