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I take my hat off to Sea Angler magazine for publishing an article of mine about wearing lifejackets for lure fishing

I’ve been working for Sea Angler magazine on a freelance basis for many years now, and I love it. In my role as a freelancer who specialises in bass fishing words and photos it is mostly up to me to come up with my own content because I guess that I am trusted to be current and up to date, but of course I don’t dictate where the magazine goes and for sure there have been times when an idea of mine goes down like the proverbial lead balloon! Writing about and photographing fishing is what drives me.

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Something kinda blew up online a while back in the way that social media sometimes gets its knickers in a complete twist. It was connected to a feature of mine and the anglers concerned simply would not have it that I don’t get to dictate to Sea Angler’s editor what photos of mine they should be using - I obviously provide a selection for each feature and the powers that be design the feature from them - and that an editor or indeed designer is entirely free to grab some library shots for my feature that weren’t shot by me. It matters not what actually happened, rather that I am a freelancer and the editor is the person who shapes and runs their magazine, and quite right I might add.

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So I choose to doff my cap to Sea Angler magazine for trusting in me and running with a feature about angler safety, which let’s face it isn’t exactly a big, sexy thing to be putting in a magazine. Granted, baiting up with peeler crab or fishing for flounder articles may not be big, sexy subjects either, but the magazine is called Sea Angler and those kinds of articles are a fundamental part of sea fishing which are entirely natural to cover. I would argue that the subject of wearing a lifejacket for your shore fishing has not really been a part of sea fishing before. I am doing what I can to try and help change this, but from a magazine point of view, an article all about angler safety is a bit of a leap if you ask me, and it’s a leap that gets my total respect.

Thank you Sea Angler for helping to keep this increased safety ball rolling. I write my features but of course they are subject to editing and I obviously don’t get approval like some Hollywood celebrity might get editorial approval over one of those glossy Hello features - so I am doubly pleased that my opening paragraph to this safety article in this month’s edition of Sea Angler stayed essentially the same as I originally wrote. You will see where I am coming from when you read the article. This lifejacket and increased angler safety thing I hope has got a long and effective road to run and it doesn’t half help when such an established and well respected fishing magazine like Sea Angler gets on the bandwagon and works with one of their freelancers like this. Thank you.

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