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I think I saw the sun.....

I got a hell of a shock on Saturday morning when I saw this yellow orb in the sky - was it the sun ? Whatever it was, it didn't hang around for long. OK, so it might be winter, but a little light never hurt anybody !! Just to make you feel better, below is a monster blue sky from one of the remotest places I have ever photographed - Providence atoll. Click here for more photos from that trip earlier last year.

I know plenty of anglers out there would class themselves as tackle junkies, indeed some of us have more gear than we will ever need. Now I reckon I am actually quite disciplined when it comes to my fishing tackle (granted, my wife might disagree) and in reality how much more gear do I need ? Apart from some nice new spinning rods and reels for my bass fishing that is, plus a few Shimano Stellas of course....

But I have seen a new shore fishing multiplier that I badly want, a friend of mine had a pair of them and I am green with envy - check out the Daiwa Saltist 30H, look here for the details. I have no affiliation with Daiwa, but I believe in being totally honest, and I reckon they make some of the best UK-style shore multipliers we can get our hands on, and this new Saltist 30H looks outstanding. Ask your local tackle dealer what he can do you one for and I reckon you will be surprised - better still, get a pair !! It seems to me that this reel is what the SLOSH 30 was always destined to be in the end, and people who know me know how much I have rated the various SLOSH 20, 30, 40 and 50 models for many years now. I must purchase !!

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