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I think the technical term is "smashed 'em"

When this wonderful part of the world fires it is about as much fun as fishing gets, and all surrounded by scenery so sublime that you need to be careful not to fall off your particular rock in awe. Nick and I started off yesterday checking out a bit of ground that looked to have some serious bass potential, and within about five casts I was into a fish that I was convinced was one of our spiky friends. But up pops a pollack.

Nick then proceeded to literally fall upon the local pollack population like a man possessed. Just look at that water. He asked me if his new Cultiva (Owner) Savoy Vib vibration lure might be any good for pollack and I replied that I had heard they could work really well. What an understatement. The pollack were literally crawling up his line in their urge to be caught. I think the guy is sold on the use of vibration lures for these fish. And me !!

We then met up with Paul Harris who took us to a pollack mark that from a distance looked just about perfect. They have been taking numbers of good fish here recently, but as is the norm around here there is not another angler in sight. Honestly, we are driving and walking around parts of the Beara peninsular and everywhere we look just screams fish of all sorts. You could fish a different mark every single day of the year and never end up in the same place twice. When I really start to think about the fishing around here and the potential of what might also be here I start to get head spins. As Nick said, Ireland might be close to home, but it's so wonderfully itself that coming here feels like a whole different world. As you might have guessed I can't get enough of this country. Do all you can to come and stay with Paul and Anne if you are into your shore fishing and like spending time around water that hardly sees any anglers and that are stuffed full of fish (check here). Here's Nick with a nice shore caught pollack, but of course Paul stuffed us both on about his third cast and pulled a cracker out. Locals always rule !!

Nick and I then moved off this mark as the tide dropped away and went looking around the bass kind of ground again. Pollack city I think it could be called. Nick was on these fish with the fly gear like a rash. Fish after fish after fish, and he could see most of them charging out of the kelp to grab his fly. Fly or lure, this is just some insanely fun fishing. The weather is getting better and better and we got some fantastic light early evening yesterday. Another perfect day beckons out here and we are like a couple of children in our urge to get at these waters. If we can avoid the crowds of other anglers that is !!