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Iceland salmon fishing - on fire

We had a really easy journey out here yesterday - a 2.5 hour flight from Heathrow, a short drive to the Nordura lodge, and then straight out on the river for some salmon fishing and photography. Martin from Hardy Greys hooked his first Icelandic salmon within five minutes !! The river is on fire, plenty of fish to all the clients here, with lots more fresh salmon moving into the system every day. They are on track out here for another bumper salmon season. We have seen some properly big fish in the clear rivers, but they don't get big by being stupid !!

We are now packing up and heading north to the trout rivers - we were only on this salmon river to get a quick glimpse, but the fishing has been fantastic. For me the light has generally been tough, but I am fairly pleased with some of the stuff I have been getting so far. In a serious rush to pack the bags, so I have posted a load of images and I will post again when I can. What an awesome place to be, I can see just why so many salmon anglers from all over the rodl make an annual trek to Iceland.