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Iceland trout fishing - can it get any better ?

We have just arrived back in the south of Iceland after a few amazing days in the north - where you have most likely gathered that I was away from any kind of internet connection. The lodge we are in now for our final night overlooks yet another stunning piece of river - there is just so much water out here in this incredible country, and I am going to do all I can to come back next year. The trout fishing we have briefly seen in the north is off the scale it is so good - lots of wild browns to around 5lbs, and this was fairly slow fishing by normal standards !! The locals have taken brown trout to over 13lbs from the river we were fishing and photographing - the mind boggles at wild trout like that.......

As always on these kinds of trips, I now have to dump a load of photos and edit them down, grab a bite to eat, get a few hours kip, and then get up early tomorrow for another proper session out after the salmon (and I can't wait to get back out on the river, Iceland is some place) - and we then fly back to the UK tomorrow evening. The weather here has been really warm, and I am rather hoping it's still good in Plymouth ?