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If every fish was landed..............

I guess big fish don't tend to get big by being stupid. Anybody who fishes I am sure has at least one story (and most likely plenty) of the one that got away, and this morning I am sad to report that it was Del who got taken to the cleaners by an angry Copper Coast bass. A rather kind local angler took us down to a very secret little spot that he reckons is never fished by anybody else - wow, it really was some of the most awesome looking ground I have ever seen, and you get to see a lot of ridiculously good looking bass ground in Ireland if you go looking. This rather kind local angler put Del on to his favourite rock, advised him on the line to cast his lure (the insanely killer Daiwa Shoreline Shiner R50+ in that chartreuse back/orange belly colour) and then told Del to get ready for a fish in the first few casts........

So I'm lined up with the camera waiting for it to happen but most likely not really imagining that it might actually go according to plan, when all of a sudden Del screams that he's into a fish and to give him his dues he puts some serious hurt on the fish to try and stop it running him through some rocks. Honestly, it's some of the most brutal ground I have ever seen, and this bass sadly won his or her freedom and left poor Del a broken man. Big bass perhaps aren't "big" as such when compared say to a GT, but a big bass is a powerful fish when it's in amongst such rough stuff, and it looked exactly like Del's (nearly) fish knew exactly where it was going. Imagine if the best fish we hooked were all successfully landed - where would our stories and tales come from if we didn't lose the odd fish and then beat ourselves up about it ? I am gutted for the poor chap, but there will be a next time.

I know it's October, but we seem to have had every kind of weather you can imagine on this Irish trip - this morning there was frost on the ground and the dawn light was just glorious, and then my mid-afternoon we've got an increasing south westerly putting some welcome fizz into the sea. Along the way we've had howling north easterlies, biting cold northerlies, and every kind of sea condition you can imagine. Conditions, conditions. I bang on about them from time to time, but a trip like this only serves to ram home to me how important the right conditions are for good bass fishing.

It's been some tough fishing but with a few nice fish landed along the way, and at least Del went and landed his first bass on a lure. Made my week to be honest to see that happen. I believe that one of the lads down from northern Ireland who we met out on the coast a few times landed a truly fantastic bass around the 11lb mark sometime this afternoon - nice one, and very, very well done indeed. The place might not be firing like it can, but there is always the chance of a big bass around here and it can happen almost anywhere along this fabulous coastline. Del and I are heading back home tomorrow morning on the 9am StenaLine Rosslare to Fishguard ferry and if all goes to plan I should get home in time to see my girls before they go to bed. I love these trips away, but nothing will ever come close to that feeling you get when you walk in the front door and your family envelops you...........

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