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If I get to 70, I hope I can be as awesome as this bloke is

We had a lad called Dave Froy on our first week of co-guiding out in Ireland the other day - he was one of four anglers from various ages and walks of life, but never in a million years would I have put Dave at 70 years old. We only found out that Dave was 70 on day three of the trip I think it was, and to be honest I was somewhat taken aback. Holy frigging cow if I am lucky enough to make 70 and I have even half as much zest as this awesome bloke has then I will count myself very lucky. Fit as you like, the most wicked sense of humour, sharp as a razor, he’s done so many things in his life, he’s a mad keen angler who just loves a bit of fishing in a place such as Kerry, and overall was just an absolute pleasure to be around…….

I don’t want to embarrass Dave here, but the fact that he was so up for what we did for four very long days at age 70 left a huge impression on me, and if there is one thing that a love for fishing and thus the outdoors must do is to help keep one’s zest for life shining brightly. Fishing can of course be done by people of nearly all ages, but what we do out at Thatch Cottage can be pretty tough - lots of early mornings, very long days, all kinds of weather, some of the marks can be a bit of a hike and/or a scramble over very uneven surfaces, and I have known a 30 year old client I think he was ask if he could nip off for an afternoon’s kip on only the second afternoon of his four day trip (no names mentioned P…..!)

It’s a blast to spend time with people who are so full of joy, and 70 year old Dave Froy was just that. I’ve already had a brush with cancer and I hope it stays away, but at the end of the day you’re going to get what you get. I can’t help feeling though that such a positive attitude as Dave has is going a long way towards him having such an incredible zest for life. Thanks so much for coming along on one of our trips Dave and we are so hoping you will come back to Thatch Cottage next year. What an inspiration.