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If the fishing doesn't do it for me visually.............

..........then increasingly I just don't "buzz" as much as I know I can. OK, so I've got lure fishing really, really badly these last few years, but as much as I love it as a way of going fishing, my immersion within this world is also a lot to do with the fact that lure fishing from the shoreline especially can really get me going as regards photography and as such the visual side of it. Into this basket I also put fly fishing as a kind of fishing that floats my boat massively from a visual as well as plain fishing point of view, albeit my lack of ability at flyfishing is something I would like to rectify one day.

I have not one day of formal training in photography, but I suppose that over the years my obsession with photography and of course fishing have moved closer and closer together, to the point that with me they are almost one and the same. I know when I am really buzzing with my fishing because it's also when I am really buzzing with the photographic opportunities. Yes, I sell photographs as a part of my job, but it's gone way, way beyond the need to make a living for me and I suppose that I almost subconsciously turn away from the kinds of fishing that don't get me going from a visual point of view.

But then does not fishing and the many ways and locations in which we can do it manage to so cleverly encompass us all ? You know that I am passionate about Ireland for example, but if you gave me that level of bass fishing on a coastline that didn't do it for me visually then I just know I would not be loving the place anywhere near as much. I suppose I just can't help it in that I can't fake a buzzing feeling when creatively I am not really feeling it, and to go with that I suppose I feel most "alive" when the fishing, the location and of course the light all come together to create those magical moments that we get to see because we are out and about so much.

I am very much into the fact that different people are drawn to different kinds of fishing, but for me I am noticing more and more that the kinds of fishing with plenty of motion and activity are what draw me in the most - such as lure and fly fishing of course. Carp anglers for example will always be in with a shout at much larger fish than I might catch on my lure gear in northern European saltwater, but for me the lack of movement and I suppose dynamism in some forms of carp fishing don't draw me in as much from a visual point of view.

And no, I am not remotely saying that I think one form of fishing is better than the other. It's a pointless avenue to even think of heading down. Sure, I can and do photograph all kinds of fishing and hopefully will be doing so for many years, but I also know that when my chest tightens and my breath becomes slightly ragged it's because what is in front of me is turning me on so much visually that I am in the zone I suppose, and that the various parts of what makes me who I am I think are working together. My only hope then is that I actually have sufficient "vision" and indeed technical knowledge to get across what I am feeling via my photographs, or indeed my written words..............

There are a bunch of updates going on with the website and over time I will be updating and/or changing some of the material on here. I am hoping that some of the changes help to get my photos across in a more impactful way, although I do very much believe in letting the good stuff stand on its own two feet without too much fanfare if that makes sense. Any thoughts are most welcome, but I am on my own here and it will take me a bit of time to get around to making all the changes and updates that I want to do.

It's a big thank you to Neil Burnell, a lure fishing junkie and pretty damn accomplished logo designer. A while back we started speaking about a new logo/header for my website and within only a few emails back and forth Neil came up with what you can see above - which I absolutely love. I was after a change and I was into the idea of something very understated and simple, and it's a big credit to Neil that he so quickly "got" what I was after and came up with what you can see at the top of all my website and blog pages. Thanks Neil, it was a pleasure working with you - make sure to contact Neil here if you have any fishing related design needs.

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