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If there is a heaven, is this it ?

I don't do religion and I am perfectly happy that when I'm gone I'm no longer, but there are a few places in this wonderful world that I am pretty sure must be pretty close to some kind of earthly heaven. I am incredibly fortunate that via my work I get to see some places that I never dreamed I might actually experience, but on top of this I just get a huge kick out of the fact that perhaps my two favourite places are in fact relatively close to home - which is Cornwall. Pretty special as it is. But Ireland and the Isles of Scilly just do it for me in a way that I struggle to describe at times, and believe it or not it's not just about the fishing - which at times of course is just staggering........

I have been to the Isles of Scilly plenty of times now, and my wife has come a along on a few occasions, but this was the first time we came across as a family. OK, so the weather has been all over the place, but as a family we always get out and about whatever happens. We don't do sitting indoors doing nothing, indeed I reckon my girls could out-walk most adults - they don't get much choice with me yomping along, but often they will be running ahead with Storm. Put them on a beach and it's like they were born to it. There's a world of fresh air out there just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. I have loved the Isles of Scilly since the first time I ever came here on a research trip for a TV programme we were going to film, and I am now over the moon that we have come over as a family and had just about the most perfect few days possible.

Yes, I am lucky to have a very good friend in Del out here. He is godfather to my youngest daughter and both my girls just adore him - poor bloke is wandering around out here with two young girls attached like limpets to his arms and not drawing breath for one single second, but he takes it in his stride and handles it like a pro. The fishing out here is to me like stepping back in time. Stacks and stacks of fish and literally nobody out there trying to catch them. I have done a little bit of wrasse fishing on the soft plastics and had a few nice fish, but as much as I love wandering and fishing this unspoilt coastline, my best memories from these few days will be of us five (wife, two girls and of course Storm our puppy) walking the cliff paths and messing around on the various beaches. What more could anybody want out of life than being by the sea in a place as outrageously special as the Isles of Scilly ? If there is a heaven on earth then this must surely be it.............