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If these Scierra X-Stretch chest and waist waders work properly for my fishing then they could be very interesting

I get asked a fair amount about what chest waders to buy for lure fishing, and for years now my answer has been to go for the Vision Ikon breathable chest waders. I also really like the Vision Ikon breathable waist waders for a certain amount of my fishing - and check this blog post here about how much better they are if you end up in the water and in trouble - plus I am going to wear these non-breathable but not that expensive and seem to be tough as hell Team Vass 700 Edition Chest Waders as much as possible when I’m not walking a long way etc. (fully explained in this blog post here).

Now if money were no object I’d buy the top of the range Simms breathable waders purely because they are cut so well and they do feel that bit better to wear when you’re moving and fishing - but, and this comes from personal experience of two pairs of Simms high-end waders, I don’t think by spending a whack load more money that you are getting a longer lasting pair of breathable waders at all, not for the type of fishing I do anyway. Nope, it’s the Vision Ikon waist or chest waders for me, indeed a pair of the Vision Ikon chest waders lasted me a good bit longer than both my pairs of Simms.

This might seem a pretty obvious thing to say, but with all the waders I have mentioned above, when you have got them on you know you’re wearing a pair of waders. The Vass ones feel heavier to pick up but are surprisingly light to actually wear, waist waders are easier again to wear, but a pair of chest waders are what they are - I can’t do without them and of course I’d love it if they lasted forever, and when you’re in them you know about it. It’s not a big deal at all when you’re as used to wearing them as I suppose I am, but what if you could get a pair of chest or waist waders that were still very lightweight and waterproof (kinda handy!) yet were made of a stretchy kind of material that sort of moved with you that bit more as you yourself move around?

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And this is why I am so interested in these black Scierra X-Stretch breathable waders - because they do feel different or a bit “freer” to wear and move around in. I used a pair of the Scierra X-Stretch waist waders for a while early last year and for a while they were fantastic - very breathable, so comfortable to wear (a bit of a tighter, less voluminous fit than regular waders, the material does literally stretch to allow for this), but over time I started to get slightly wet feet. I have had this happen on another brand of waders in the past and it’s because some companies for some reason put thinner neoprene socks on the bottom of their waders and I think the neoprene literally compresses too much over a lot of use and water starts to trickle in. I was gutted to see it happen on those Scierra X-Stretch waist waders because I was really starting to like them, but now I see that regular/thicker neoprene socks have been introduced on these waders. Nice one!

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It’s a big thanks to the kind people I know at Scierra for getting me access to these waders, and they do so on the understanding that I can only ever be completely honest about what might happen when I use this stuff. I have got a pair of the Scierra X-Stretch breathable chest waders here and they do feel very comfortable to wear, and I am also hoping to get hold of a pair of the boot-footed Scierra X-Stretch waist waders as per above. I am then going to use these X-Stretch waders whenever I would wear lightweight waders, and then I’ll turn to those Team Vass 700 Edition Chest Waders when I am say night fishing and not walking far. I am lucky to be able to get hold of this sort of gear for testing and evaluating, but if there is one thing I always try to do, it’s to be realistic and use the stuff exactly as I would anything else (I have used the Vision Ikon waders for years now and I know all about how good they are). I can’t tell you yet whether these stretchy waders are the real deal yet, but what I can get across to you is how easy they are to wear in the way that they wear more like a regular bit of clothing rather than a pair of waders. I will report back in due course and I’d also love to hear from any of you here who have had any real fishing experience with these Scierra X-Stretch waders. Stretch away? Stretchtastic? Stretch with me? Sorry………..

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