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If we were to leave the EU, what would happen to the fisheries stuff?

I can’t pretend that I have much interest in politics and what I tend to view as the ugliest human traits being put on show rather too visibly for my liking, but you can’t get away from this whole “Brexit” thing being played out before the referendum in June. But what I really want to know is how - if we were to end up leaving the EU - it would affect the multitude of fisheries policies, and whether we as a country would end up with a lot more say about how we managed “our” waters? Could we do what I believe Norway does in some sort of way, and that’s to keep a lot of their waters for themselves? And look how many fish they have……..

Please help me out here - do any of you here have any proper knowledge of what could happen if we were to leave the EU? How could it affect how we manage our waters? If we were to leave the EU, would our beloved politicians end up with greater powers to do marine environment related stuff for the greater good? And yes, one could argue that politicians and the greater good ain’t the best of bedfellows. I would really like to know how this Brexit thing going on could affect the marine environment one way or the other, because I have zero interest in how the big companies may or may not benefit. If you are so inclined, please help me out here via the comments section. Thank you.

I am not going to gloat about the rugby result against Ireland, because whilst I am pleased we got the job done, crumbs did we leave a lot out there against a side that has been so cruelly depleted by an almost unprecedented raft of injuries and recent retirements. I feel that the England side might well be on the right path again, but we are giving away far too many stupid penalties, we are nowhere near clinical enough when the tryline beckons, and that lack of precision is really holding us back. But we won, although in reality we should have put a load more points over the Irish. Winning breeds winning, we’ve got some serious talent, and I am doing my utmost not to get prematurely excited about it all. Wales in a couple of weeks is going to be a monster, and as much as Wales is a lovely country with some great bass fishing, I hope we stuff ‘em good and proper!