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If you can watch this documentary without shedding a tear then you’re a stronger person than me

I had various ideas for this blog post rolling around my head, but then last night my wife and I watched without doubt the most moving, heart breaking, poignant, and sad yet strangely uplifting documentary I remember seeing - and I wanted to draw your attention to it. Perhaps my recent brush with cancer has left me feeling a little bit more open to the subject of life and death, but if you have any kind of soul then I urge you to watch this documentary.

Called “How to Die: Simon’s Choice” - described by the BBC as “The dramatic and poignant story of one man facing the heartwrenching decision of whether to end his life at a suicide clinic after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease”, this film is not remotely sensationalised or over the top, indeed in my opinion it is a deeply personal and moving insight into a scarily brave family who are faced with one of the toughest decisions we could ever have to make. I am not sure how many of you reading this can access BBC iPlayer, but if you can, watch or download this incredibly well made documentary right here. Get through it with a dry pair of eyes and you’re a far stronger human being than I am.

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