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If you could start your fishing life all over again, would you do anything differently? And yes, cabin fever rages!

I don’t do regrets and life is for living, but from time to time I sit down and think about what I would do if I could go back in time and start my fishing life all over again, and what I might be doing in it - and yes, call it cabin fever if you like, but I am in the process of doing a bit more striped bass based research for various reasons at the moment, and when I go looking about at the shore based fishing for these fish, I wonder what I might do if I could go back to say the age of 18 and have another crack at life - with a bit of knowledge about what fishing I know is out there around this glorious earth………….

I have fished for stripers on a couple of occasions now, and whilst a fish like a tuna or a GT leaves them for dead in the speed and indeed power stakes, as with our own bass fishing it’s the whole culture/lifestyle/bit more “normal” vibe which surrounds the actual fishing that so floats my boat. What little I know of the striped bass world over in the US reminds me very much of what we do over here with our bass, only across the pond their stripers grow much, much bigger and of course there are a few more of them! If I was 18 right now and I had half a clue about what was out there, I reckon I’d be applying to live in the US to become a serious striper junkie. I mean come on, look at the video above and tell me you could not imagine immersing yourself in that kind of fishing and living it like you might well our own bass fishing.

I know the grass is always greener and I can’t help but read some of the recent news somewhat open-mouthed at the various US political goings on, but this blog post is only a bit of fun, and what’s the harm in dreaming about turning up on a deserted beach to find big striped bass smashing bait as far as you can see? How about standing waist deep in the middle of the night, trying your absolute best not to fall apart with adrenaline because you can hear stripers hitting bait in the inky blackness? I think back to launching big surface lures out into the famous Cape Cod Canal and connecting with stripers like the one above, which as pleased as I was, to be honest it didn’t raise an eyebrow amongst the numerous other anglers who were also into fish. I’ve caught far larger fish from the shore, but that whole being there and doing it thing kinda got to me on an emotional level. .

I can see myself cramming as much work in during the winter months and then completely giving myself over to chasing stripers from say May to November. Hell, I could call it “research” and put the expenses through my accounts! I’d buy a great big truck, kit if out for fishing, and then live in it while I chased striped bass until my arms were fit to fall off. Hell, sod the work and why not have a second home somewhere way down south for when winter hits the north east of the USA and you can run for warmer weather and species such as redfish, snook, tarpon etc. Holy cow now that’s a plan for my alternative life!