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If you were to emigrate tomorrow.........where might you go ?

I am sure that many of us spend a bit of time (idly) dreaming of packing up and moving overseas - hypothetically, if you were to go, where might you move to ? Let's say money is not a real object, but the fishing must be awesome (the reason I tend to dream), and the weather more than likely will come into it. As we move on into our winter, dreaming of different places must occupy your thoughts just a little bit. I love the UK, and I love our way of life, but there is never any harm in closing your eyes and taking yourself off somewhere else. An increasing number of people out there stop simply dreaming and actually make their dreams become reality. So where would you go ?

South Africa - awesome country, home to some of the most extreme rock and surf fishing on earth. And we hear virtually nothing about it here in the UK. The place where you need to fight fish properly hard otherwise they might never come in. The place where fishing competitions are usually measured in hundreds of kgs rather than a few pounds and ounces. "Scratching for rockling" of "flobber bashing" for them is having a hundred yards of line unceremoniously ripped from your reel. Fishermen who know how to put a bend in their rods.

America - a country so vast that we struggle to get our head around the scale of it. Montana really got to me last year, and I have always had a soft spot for the well managed Florida Keys, but one thing I simply have to go and do is smash big east coast striped bass on the kind of gear we use for our own bass fishing. The more I learn about the USA, the more I fall in love with the place. So much fishing and so much to learn about how the American anglers fish with soft plastics for so many different species on both fresh and saltwater.

France - I have spent a lot of time in France ever since I was seven years old, and I love the country and I really admire the French people. But now that the French bass fishing is coming to light more and more, this wonderful country has taken on a whole new appeal. Here in good old Blighty, we might well be able to cast little baits over the horizon on increasingly weird and wonderful rigs, but when it comes to lure fishing for bass and lure fishing technology, we ain't even in the same room.

Norway - flat out the best music on this earth for starters. Give in to Norwegian black metal and your life will be a whole lot better. Just like me !! We hear so much about their outstanding boat fishing for giant cod and halibut, but there is a world of shore fishing over there that we are only just beginning to stumble on. I would even dust off my beachcasters on order to have a crack at their big cod from the shore, and I simply have to go and nail some monster coalfish on spinning gear from the rocks. Just the most staggering country. So close to us, yet we know comparatively so little about their world class shore fishing for starters.

Ireland - essentially the same kind of fishing that we find here in the UK, but just a whole load better. More fish, far less people, so many spots still to discover, just so appealing in so many different ways. If you follow this blog, you will know all about how Ireland has so got to me over the years, and especially for it's bass fishing. Obviously. But there is so much more to it. Granted, you will get all kinds of weather, but so what ? Nowhere on earth fishes well all the time, but if you were to look for a place that offered similar types of fishing to what we already have, then Ireland would be the place. Is there any harm in dreaming ?

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