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If you're into some properly wild flyfishing.........

......then I implore you to check out this steelhead fishing. No, they are not easy to catch, and yes, an ocean-run wild rainbow trout is in my opinion one of the most impressive freshwater species of fish you could ever hope to find. It's class fishing the whole way, and the thing that I have really started to get my head around on this this trip is the whole steelhead "vibe" if that makes sense. These fish inspire almost a religious fervour amongst the afflicted and I believe I am now further along the road to understanding why. You are never going to catch millions of them, but that is not remotely the point of this fishing. To fish rivers in a place as truly wild and out there as British Columbia and then catch these awesome ocean-run rainbow trout from icy cold water is surely about as majestic as the art of fly fishing could be, and there are different runs of fish out here at various times of the year to almost suit any kind of fly fisherman. And of course there is the small matter of some of the finest salmon fishing on this earth. Sure, I get the whole Atlantic salmon fishing thing, but look into chasing the various Pacific salmon species and you might get a shock at the sorts of fishing that can be done. How about sight fishing to bright coho salmon at various river mouths in early autumn ? Like Atlantic salmon fishing but on steroids.........and often much, much cheaper. With the added bonus of coming to such an awesome country as Canada.

My apologies for the lack of blog posts this week, but we have been out on the rivers for long hours on the hunt for these fish. I came here with the aim of nailing this whole spring steelheading thing on the small coastal rivers, and I am over the moon to be coming away with a load of photos. The Terrace area offers so much fishing and this small window for targeting steelhead from these small and off the scale wild coastal rivers is but one way to get at these fish. Took my first ever float plane ride as well - rather cool..........

Wild they may well be, but once again it's down to the professionalism of top class fishing guides that makes them accessible to the likes of you and I. Take it from me, these Nicholas Dean guides and indeed the whole setup is about as good as you are going to find anywhere. It kind of helps that they are fantastic people to spend time with out on the water, and aside from putting their clients onto the myriad of fishing around here, it's the fact that the operation works so well in giving us access to the truly wild places on this earth. When you see fresh bear, wolf and moose tracks along the riverbank you kind of get the feeling that you're far from the top of the food chain, but the fact that somebody like you or I can so safely and relatively easily spend a bit of time away from the crowded places on this earth is a damned good reason to put wild steelhead fishing on your list of must-do. Talk to the Aardvark McLeod lot about coming to the wilds of British Columbia.

Anyway, I am heading back home today. Sure, it's the other side of the world out here, but it is actually pretty easy to get to. I slept to a "normal" time this morning which means that I have finally got onto Canada time - right at the end of the trip which is about par for the course for me !! Yesterday we did one of the most physically demanding yomps that I have ever done for my fishing or photography, and if you have half a clue about what I do for my work and also how hard we can sometimes push the bass fishing out in Ireland then you'll have an idea how out there it actually was. The middle of frigging nowhere ain't even close to where we were yesterday - I was told that the locals don't like even getting out of the boat where we went fishing/yomping because of the numbers of bears around, but I have complete faith in these Nicholas Dean guides and their skill levels. Once again it proved the point that the further you walk and the harder you push things, then the better the fishing so often is. To watch a guy hook six steelhead and land three in the space of about an hour is some mightily impressive fishing. If all goes to plan I will be back home to see my girls around their tea time on Sunday and then I am off to Ireland on Friday. Canada is as awesome as I remember and steelhead/salmon fishing in British Columbia is up there as one of those things that I have to pinch myself about to make sure that I've really been to the places that my cameras say I have...........

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