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I’ll be working with the RNLI at the European Sport Fishing Show this weekend in Bristol, hope to see you there

This coming Saturday and Sunday is the second ever European Sport Fishing Show in Bristol and I must admit that I can’t wait, plus of course I am rather proud to be going there for the two days to do some work with the rather awesome RNLI. I will be based around their stand and I will also be doing some talks based around increased angler safety and all that I have been learning about it - please come along and make sure I don’t end up talking to myself for half an hour or so!


My talks will be also be an opportunity for me to show a brand new short film from the filming that a bunch of us did with the RNLI back in the summer, so if my technical abilities are good enough and I am able to insert this video into my presentation then it should all work okay. I believe that the nice people at the Art of Fishing and Lure Heaven tackle shops are going to have various lifejackets for sale at the show, and I also believe that any profits from lifejacket sales will be donated directly to the RNLI.


You can find all the details of the show here, and I very much hope to see a bunch of you there. I for one will be drooling over all the new gear that I know the Art of Fishing and Lure Heaven especially are going to have there, and I am really hoping that me being based around the RNLI stand gives me the opportunity to yap with anglers about how we can make what we so love doing that bit safer. I don’t remotely pretend to be some sort of expert about all this, but I am far better informed than I ever was and I am passionate about doing what I can about trying to help prevent anglers from not coming home to their families.

I have also just found out that the serious world fishing junkie and writer and photographer that is Dave Lewis will have his own stand at this European Sport Fishing Show. Make sure to talk to him about fishing almost anywhere on this earth (holy cow this guy gets around!), and he will also have his new book “Destination Angler II” on sale at the show. I have a copy here and will review it in due course, but in short it’s another blinding read that fills me with longing to get out there and see more of this amazing world. Dave is a thoroughly nice bloke, he is also a consultant for Shimano, and he’s also doing some talks/presentations over the weekend.

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Anyway, I hope you all had a good week. I was away on holiday with my family but still managed to walk up and around an old volcano nearly every single morning before breakfast because my youngest girl can’t understand why anybody would go on holiday and not want to train their running socks off and push themselves as hard as they physically can. Oh for the energy of youth! There’s me walking up to the top of the volcano and then around the rim, loving it for the exercise and the being out there, but very much behind my youngest girl who’s way ahead and quite literally running laps around me.

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