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I’m over in Kerry for some guiding work

On Monday I did my long journey over to south west Ireland - left home at 6.45am to drive to Fishguard in west Wales for the early afternoon ferry to Rosslare, and I then drove across the bottom of Ireland and arrived here in Kerry at about 10pm. It’s 490 miles door to door for me, and it’s still as big a thrill as it always has been to wake up the next morning in one of my favourite parts of the world. After breakfast yesterday morning I went for a good windswept walk across the main beach (missing my dog, Storm would have loved it) and saw I think two other people in the distance. It’s the wild west out here and I love spending time in Kerry…………..


Our first group of lads arrived yesterday afternoon and we are taking them out fishing this morning. It’s October and conditions are somewhat interesting at the moment, but with the lie of the land out there we tend to have enough viable places to try and find a few bass. I will update this blog when I can, but in the meantime I hope you are all finding a few fish and doing your best not to get your hopes up too much yet with England at the World Cup! Are we doing what we need to do to win at the moment which means we are holding back a bit for the bigger games to come? Is this truly a carefully orchestrated campaign to lift the ultimate prize? Are we really good enough to win the 2019 World Cup? I know it’s boring to say so, but is there another team in the tournament that looks like it could live with the All Blacks at their absolute best? Are the All Blacks actually near the absolute best though? So many questions, with the answer not that far away now………….