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I'm still a bit ashamed about it

But only a little bit. A few years back I started getting some reports from a few Irish mates about how they were starting to do well on the bass with senkos. Obviously some anglers out there have been using senkos for their bass fishing since before they were born, but to many of us these particular soft plastic lures only came on to our bass fishing radars relatively recently. I had used them successfully for pollack, but this was the first time I really became aware of anglers I knew who were starting to regularly take bass on them.

So of course we used various senkos on our next trip over to Ireland and we caught a bunch of fish on them. From memory the lures we used were most likely those chunky looking 5'' Wave Worms. Why? Because my Irish mates had got some in from the US and therefore we could get hold of some to fish with. I will never forget the first bass I hooked on a senko - what a take.

Anyway, we had a good trip but all too soon it was time to pack the gear up and head for home. My mate Andy (not his real name) and I caught our usual 9am Stenaline ferry from Rosslare to Fishguard, and before the boat had left the harbour we were ensconced in the rather nice Stena Plus lounge with cups of tea, coffee and biscuits. Very civilised and definitely the way to travel.

I always take a laptop with me when I travel, and as Andy pretty quickly fell asleep in one of the nice comfortable chairs (these Irish trips are knackering), I got to work with editing photos down etc. I don't know about you, but I can't sleep in the daytime however tired I am. Now on Stenaline you get free internet on the boat, but to be honest it is usually so slow that I don't bother - for some reason though it was working just fine on that particular day.

So while Andy was catching flies I started looking around on Google for white Wave Worms that I might be able to buy from a UK website. I found some pretty quickly on I think it was the AGM site, but from memory there were only about four or five packets of the white ones left. I looked at Andy (not his real name) sleeping away like a baby. I thought about Andy getting home and doing his own internet search for senkos (he's a bit of a computer whiz as well as a thoroughly nice guy and a very good angler). I thought about whether I should do what I was thinking I might do.

And then I did it. While the guy was fast asleep I clicked on buy the lot thank you very much. While he was in the land of nod I bought all the packets of white Wave Worms off that particular website and then carried on with my photo editing. In due course my mate Andy woke up, went to get a cup of tea and asked me how I was doing - to which I replied that I was doing just fine, hoped he had a good kip, with no mention at all of internet searches for soft plastic lures. I did rather well to keep a straight face, and especially on the drive back home through Wales when talk naturally turned to the fish we had caught on soft plastics and where we might source more of these lures.

A couple of days later and my mate Andy calls me up to tell me he has successfully located some white senkos on the AGM site, but that they are out of stock. I say something along the lines of what a shame, no doubt they will be getting some more in sometime soon and how on earth could they have all sold like that. I could have let on about my guilty secret but I didn't. It was all I could do not to snigger down the phone like a naughty and very childish child. The way I replied so innocently was shocking. So there you have it. The depths an angler will sink to when his mate's fast asleep!!

I will be in Dublin this weekend to do some talks and demonstrations at the rather wonderful Swords fishing show. I was there last year and loved it, and the kind people in charge asked me to come back, so on Friday I am flying to Dublin for the show that is on Saturday and Sunday - see here. I hope to see some of you there, and if you do happen to sit in on my talks then firstly, please tell me if I am shouting/getting overexcited, and secondly, feel free to have a kip while I peruse some of the soft plastics which I feel sure will be dotted around the stands. The sleeping angler............

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