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In your head, do you match lures to locations ?

OK, so I wish I could be writing about smashing a few bass on lures around here, but the fact is that the fishing at the moment is about as tough as I have ever seen it and we wait for the fish to turn up in any numbers with baited breath. Are we a month behind ? In south east Cornwall we usually get a few bass turning up pretty early compared to a lot of other places, but around here I reckon we are more than a month behind the norm - if indeed in nature there is a "norm". Still, there are of course other species to catch than bass, and when it's like this I do tend to start thinking about all kinds of things............................

When you say buy a new lure, "research" lures or even come across new stuff that's in the process of coming to market, do you look at the things and think "nice and shiny, got to have one", or do you look at it and think "yes, I can see that lure working at so and so spot that I fish" ? I don't know about you, but I do tend to look at a lure and then start almost fantasising about various locations where in my head I can imagine it working. Is this the wrong way to go about it ? Ain't got a clue, but my head works in many different ways and I suppose that a kind of visualisation is one way to go - plus of course it keeps those excitement levels constantly bubbling over.

Nope, I have not seen this new MegaBass Cutter 128, but from looking at the lure here and then watching the video above, I have been thinking about a particular spot that we fish in Ireland where I can't help but think that this thing might do some damage. Will it do better than the lures I already have ? Who knows, but is there any harm in getting excited about these kinds of things ? Or should grown men like me have more self-control and spend more time muttering about the good old days when lure boxes were full of jointed wooden plugs and soft plastics hadn't crossed over from the US largemouth bass scene ?

Check out this new Maria Squash lure above and then here. I watch a video like that and I can't help but think about a few spots where the water is a little deeper and a lure like this might work well. If you read my blog post from Monday you'll know that I have had a thing for Maria lures for a few years now, so as a consumer I can't help but be drawn to this Japanese company releasing a new bass fishing lure. I haven't seen the thing and technically of course I don't actually need it, plus if the fishing was firing anywhere close to properly I would not be dreaming so much, but I am an angler and this stuff interests me - purely research of course..........

The Xorus Patchinko is the biggest surface lure I personally use for bass, but I will nearly always use something smaller and quieter landing if conditions will let me. I have a serious thing for the IMA Salt Skimmer and the way it's a fairly small surface lure yet it just flies almost unlike any other lure I have ever come across - the fact that it has slayed fish for me kinda helps as well, but I am somewhat excited to see if this new MegaBass XLush (where are these names dreamt up ?) is going to do the business. Check here for the details, and yes, I really like the size and weight of the thing, and yes, I am fantasising at how it might cast into a moderate head wind at a particular spot on the Copper Coast that produced one of the most electric topwater sessions I have ever seen in September last year.

It is with a strange sense of glee if you like that I found out about this US surface lure called the Fishin Magician 5'' Skid Stick from a post on a forum by an angler who I have never actually met but who I must presume has a few shall we say, "issues" with me and what I do. But life is too short to worry about that kind of garbage, and I really like the look of this surface lure. It weighs around 21g, it's as cheap as chips and you just know that it will catch "our" bass here in the UK. If you catch it right it casts pretty well, but it seems to be one of those lures that you almost don't want to cast at full power, rather dial back a little and get everything going that little bit smoother.

I love the action and from a few plays it seems like you can really get it splashing from side to side if needs be, or else you can just as easily slide it far more subtly - if subtle is a word that could ever be applied to me and my lure fishing !! And yes, of course, I am thinking about a specific spot where many times how I have visualised a big old crocodile of a bass coming up and inhaling the thing.........................