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Infernal b%&$$y weed

You know when you’re watching a forecast because if it’s right, it’s promising so much for a certain spot you have in mind that can take the weather and often fish well when it’s fairly pounding in? Well that was me watching the weather for yesterday, and the first glimpse of the water had us essentially running down to get started - only to have our hopes dashed upon the rocks like the walls of white water rolling in……

Weed. Infernal b%&$$y weed - along with dirty water, surely it’s the bane of a lure angler’s fishing life? I’ve got it wrong with this spot a few times as regards the weather and it hasn’t even been safe to get on the rocks and fish, but yesterday was looking pretty damn good, and I was also pretty happy to see some misty, murky conditions when we arrived. For the life of me I can’t remember being weeded out down there in heavy yet fishable conditions, but yesterday was just a lost cause really. The three of us tried all manner of lures and techniques to try and keep on fishing through the weed, but sometimes you just know when it ain’t going to work. Bumping the (weedless) Black Minnow along the bottom didn’t even work yesterday, so I guess that the weed was choking the water from top to bottom.

It’s not one of those shallow marks where you would expect the kind of onshore conditions we had to go and blow it out, indeed this place can take some bit of weather and keep on fishing - just not yesterday, and I am hearing of plenty of lure anglers suffering plenty of weed problems at the moment. Save for rough weather kicking it all up, so much weed around is I guess down to warmer weather and plenty of weed growth, and the problem we had yesterday was that it was one mark or bust for us on that forecast. Of course things will get better, and of course weed can be a very localised thing, but walking away from that spot yesterday with those conditions was a heart-breaker.

Are you currently suffering bad weed problems where you fish? We can all expect plenty of weed in estuaries especially at this time of year, but how about the open coast? This distinctly autumnal weather we are currently getting down here can’t be helping with breaking up all that new-growth weed, but does anybody actually know what is happening when you see this much weed around? It can’t all be broken up new-growth, surely? Or is it? Things will get better of course, but holy cow it breaks my head when I have so got my hopes up on a forecast……