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Interesting new bass lure

I have just been sent a really interesting looking new lure that I reckon might work rather well for our bass. Called a Maria Bull Chop (where do they come up with these names ?), it is a bit of a strange one........

Weighing 40g and with very strong looking hooks, it casts like a bullet, but it is not a "conventional" surface or sub-surface lure, indeed this Bull Chop seems as if it can be worked in a variety of different ways. I went out yesterday to give it a quick go on the water and see how it behaved and I reckon this lure might do well in a variety of situations. I will put a photo of the lure up here in due course.

When you first look at the lure, it says "surface lure" to you, but the thing is heavy and it sinks - I used it in a variety of different ways yesterday and I reckon you can fish it very effectively in two, if not three different ways. I will be really interested to see how this Bull Chop performs when the bass are around, but if a lure can give me various options then I am starting to like it already. But we shall see.

Method 1 - blast it and retrieve instantly with a high rod to get the lure up on the surface. Use a high rod technique to get the lure both walking and spitting back to you. Impart a lot of wrist action to create this hybrid popper/walk movement. Should be great for shallow water, covering loads of ground. Closest to a walking the dog action to me.

Method 2 - blast it and retrieve the lure with a low rod, deliberately letting it work just under the surface. Occasionally the lure will break the surface and then go back under, and then it comes right on the surface as it gets closer to you. Now is the time to really make this thing walk across the surface like you would with a lure such as the Lucky Craft Sammy.

Method 3 - I am not sure about this one, but since this lure casts well and sinks fast if you let it, I would imagine that working it almost like a jerkbait will produce takes in deeper water. I don't tend to lure fish for bass in very deep water, but it would be worth trying it like this, and you could get it to sink and draw and then break the surface.

But if anybody out there knows any more about these Maria Bull Chop lures, please do tell me. We in the UK have a lot to learn when it comes to modern lure fishing methods, techniques and tackle.

My current favourite bass lure is the Maria Chase BW in holographic silver, but like any addict, I always enjoy playing with different bits of plastic when I can, so I will be interested to see what this Bull Chop does. I will take a couple with me to the Florida Keys in a few weeks to see how they do there. You can get all your Maria lures here.

I have ordered a few spinning rods to test out for bass plugging, and I have a feeling that one of them is going to be the rod that I have been after. There are loads of spinning rods on the market that do good jobs, but I have been looking for the one rod that just feels totally right to me the moment I pick it up. All details will be given out in due course. I am even hoping that a couple of the rods might well be "the one" !! We shall see........not that I am particular about my fishing rods or anything.

And on to music - anybody into metal is going to have loved Iron Maiden all their lives, so you seriously need to get hold of their recently released live DVD called "Live After Death", from when they toured the Powerslave album back in 1985, when I was only 12 !! I am ashamed to say that Iron Maiden are the one band that I have never seen live, but I am going to rectify that the next time they are in the UK. Seeing them launch into songs like The Trooper, Hallowed be Thy Name and Aces High on this DVD nearly brought tears to my eyes with the sheer emotion of it. I had to tell my wife that it was a bit of dust caught in my eye. Check here to get hold of this awesome DVD.

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