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Ireland doesn't let you down

If we had these conditions back home then I would not be out bass fishing, make no mistake, but obviously when you go on a fishing trip away you are going to try and maximise your time and fish almost regardless of the weather. Sitting in your digs, drinking coffee and having a lure-off ain't going to catch you anything. Sure, you try to be clever and pick and choose locations via any number of processes - logic, local mates, experience, instinct and sometimes just pot luck, but the thing about Ireland is that there always seems to be a chance of a decent fish or two if you put the effort in.

First thing on Sunday morning and there was a frost on my car. The sea went glassy calm and we all nailed a few small bass on a shallow mark where the lures of choice tend to be dictated by the relative lack of depth to the water. If you walk around you can cover a fair bit of ground, and at one point Cian and I found ourselves on a rock with a number of bass moving around in front of us. As you know though, a glassed-off sea and bright light makes these fish very hard to catch, but I got smacked on an IMA Komomo II fished really slowly so that it swims literally just beneath the surface and rolls incredibly seductively. I felt a double-hit and then saw the bass swirl behind the lure, but neither Cian or I could get the fish to commit. Frustrating ? You bet, but seeing bass moving around will never cease to get me going however cagey they might be feeling. A little bit of choice language was "offered" to the sky though !!

Ever since I first had a play with the one of these new IMA Hound 125F Glide lures earlier this year I have been almost waiting for the right place to give it a proper hammering. You all know as well I do that there is no substitute for confidence, and as much as the insane distances this lure casts (it does, take it from me, it ain't normal how well this lure flies - the guys fishing with me out here were almost giggling when I clipped it on and blasted it out yesterday afternoon) put it up there as a potentially really useful lure to carry for certain locations and conditions, the simple fact is that I needed to catch on the IMA Hound 125F Glide and thus prove to myself that the action turns bass on - you know it will, but you still need to get fish on it.

I grant you that distance is not remotely everything in bass fishing, of course it isn't, but I am not personally aware of a "regular" minnow-type hard lure that casts as far as this lure. It just flies, and I love the fact that it's only 125mm long and weighs a mere 20g, meaning that I now have an almost stupidly long-range medium depth minnow in a size that I really like that bites into any kind of sea and does not need me to use a longer or more powerful rod just to get it out there. This 6lb bass that I caught on it has now given me a real problem, because with what the lure can do I now can't leave it out my lure box for certain locations, and with the problem I have for shiny bass lures I am soon going to need a whole rucksack devoted just to carrying them around in - and that's before I have even packed the camera gear. The fishing might be on the tough side at the moment out here, but Ireland just does not let you down if you work it hard.