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Is anybody aware of this particular lure rod ?

Seems to me that from time to time the odd excellent product kind of slips under the radar and doesn't get properly noticed - like a certain lure rod that I reckon is something really special for the money. I hear more and more about bass anglers (me included) who are interested in fishing with lighter and more balanced gear, and especially because you can easily go from casting a "regular" hard lure right through to small soft plastics, all in the same session. The more that one rod can do, the better in my opinion. No one rod can or will do everything you ask of it, but it strikes me that there are a number of rods out there that for some reason or another we have not stumbled upon yet.........

Here I am talking about the rod category that deals with lures in the region of roughly 5-30g, and for the most part they seem to be somewhere in the region of 7-8' long. I tend to refer to them as "finesse" rods. No, they will not cope great with the heavier surface lures or larger casting jigs for example, but the good ones do a huge amount well, and they are just awesome to fish with. And still at the top of the tree for me is the outstanding Tenryu Injection SP73M, rated at 5-28g. You must bear in mind that I can only talk of rods that I have personal experience with - yes, I am sure there are other equally good or even better "finesse" type lure rods out there, but the Injection is the one I know, and I also know plenty of lure anglers who have been fishing the Injection as their go to rod for a while now.

But, there are an increasing number of lure rods within this "category" that are either out there and we don't know about them, or are steadily finding their way into our marketplace. We need access to different rods at different prices, and once again I must give huge credit to the motivated individuals and companies who source good gear for us guys to use. There is one rod that I have played around with a bit that I reckon is just fantastic, and especially at well below the £200 mark. Anybody heard of or fished with the Sakura Mazzera 742ML ? I am seeing more and more of the Mazzera range around and about, and I reckon the 8' Mazzera 802M 10-30g is an outstanding "regular" hard lure and larger plastics rod for example..............but how about the 7'4'' 742ML, rated at that important 7-21g range ? I remember seeing this particular rod at the Nantes bass show earlier this year, and it struck me then how it might well be a really good value for money "finesse" rod. But for some reason I have not heard one single word more about it on the UK market. Why ?

I am not going to claim that I have used this Mazzera 742ML loads and loads, because I haven't. But I have fished and played with it enough to have formed an impression of it, and I can't really see how this kind of finesse rod can get much better for the money. Put a small spinning reel on it and the rod just feels very well balanced, and to my somewhat limited skills at fishing soft plastics I can feel plenty about what's going on with them. I can fish all manner of hard lures with it as well. I just enjoy fishing with the rod, and personally I can't ask for much more than that. Lots of anglers have switched on to the cheaper and in my opinion virtually as good Sakura Rookie range, but I can't find a proper "finesse" lure rod there. Hence me looking at the Mazzera range and then getting hold of the 742ML to try out. What a rod. Seems to me to be one of those lure rods that should be getting some serious attention, but this one seems to have slipped by almost unnoticed. I can't actually find it listed by anybody in the UK, but I reckon you could ask these guys here or here about getting hold of one. Just so you know, I don't work for or have anything at all to do with Sakura. I like the gear I like, and all I can do is to tell you about it - but remember, these are only my opinions, and there is no reason that my opinions are any more or any less valid than the next person's...........