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Is it a sin to love your lure ?

There are few better lure companies around than Japan's MegaBass, and when they announced the introduction of a larger version of their already killer X-120SW minnow, what do you think I did ? I don't think I have a problem, but the lure you can see above is quite simply an awesome looking minnow/jerkbait. Do I really need another floating minnow in my lure collection ? Not really. But how on earth can anybody resist this thing ? The MegaBass X-140SW (140mm, 19.5g, floating) does it for me, and I haven't even fished with it yet (as far as I am aware it is not that easy to get hold of this one here in the UK yet, but speak to these people here). I have had a few casts with it (of course), but it has not been used in anger yet............

The MegaBass X-140SW is stated to swim at around 30 - 60cms. MegaBass Lures all tend to be incredibly stable and I am guessing that this thing would work as well in all kinds of sea conditions - it is not hard to get it up a little shallower via your rod tip and retrieve speed if needs be. Crank away and it's got a classic, very intense rolling kind of wobble that we all know does it for bass on many occasions. You can also work the hell out of it at whatever speed you want and it just remains ultra-stable, and then pause completely and it floats slowly back to the surface on a flat plane which I guess will induce bass to take as well in some places. I don't know what MegaBass put in their lures, but the ones I know all tend to cast like bullets - and this X-140SW is no exception. In the words of The Prodigy - "Take me to the hospital" (because I have a minor problem with nice looking lures).

I have placed the lure next to the business end of my 15lb BogaGrip to give you a proper sense of scale - the X-140SW that you can see here is the GG Rainbow colour. As much as lures are more about action than colour, I just feel very confident with a lure colour like this - a bit of holographic/reflective silver mixed in with pink etc., but I am going to try and get hold of a few other colours as well in due course. I do think that MegaBass do a whole lot of very good colours - whatever we may or may not think about lure action versus colour, it always helps if a specific lure just "grabs" you from the off. Or perhaps not if you are trying to avoid giving in to all these lure desires.........

For those of you who know all about the smaller MegaBass X-120SW, this new larger one is a more "substantial" lure if that makes sense. The little X-120SW is a very slimline minnow, whereas they obviously took the decision to make a more "classic" looking 140mm minnow when it came to this stunner. It's hardly a chunky kind of minnow, not at all, but in relation to size it's been muscled up a bit if that makes sense. If there is one thing I would so like to be able to do one day, it would be to get the chance to sit down with a professional lure designer and have them talk through all the different bits and pieces that go into these things. Would it make me a better fisherman ? Not sure. But I have an inquisitive mind, and I would love to know more about these little bits of plastic, metal and rubber that we fall in love with from time to time. All I need to do now is to start taking fish on the X-140SW and see if my love/lust for it can be properly justified. Lure love. Is that right ?

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