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Is it really fly fishing ?

Is it fly fishing ? Who cares anyway - putting big, heavy flies like this 6/0 "Mega-Clouser" down deep on ultra-fast sinking fly lines may well not be much like deftly offering a small dry fly to a rising trout, but personally I couldn't care one bit. All credit to Nick and James for figuring out how to get down to the fish and then landing them - it took real skill and it was a pleasure to watch them do it.

Per Jonasson of WildWater Fishing holds a near 35 lb coalfish I managed to catch while I was meant to be taking photos..............kind of hard to resist not quickly dropping a Shad over and nailing a few in between taking shots of the fly guys. I never used anything heavier than a Greys 30-100g mutli-piece spinning rod and 30 lb braid to tame fish like this, and on such relatively light gear they are a blast to catch. I might go on about these coalfish a bit, but it's only because they are such impressive fish !! Forget all that heavy tackle nonsense, have a bit of fun instead.There is a new glossy US fishing magazine called Destination Fish that is simply awesome (some fantastic writing and photography about some very cool places) and I am over the moon to have a couple of features in the next issue that is coming out in a couple of weeks I believe. One on Nile perch fishing in Uganda and one on Irish bass fishing - can't wait to see them, always cool to get material into US fishing magazines.

Currently very depressed about the state of English rugby, Sat night against France was dire. Made even worse when you watch the 2003 Rugby World Cup final again.............just how awesome were we back then ?

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