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Is there always a different way to go about it ?

With all the goings on as regards targeting so many different fish species in all manner of different ways, I suppose a number of us can't help but look at other kinds of fishing we do and wonder if there are different approaches we might take to that. I have been thinking a lot about pollack fishing from the shore recently - it's a kind of saltwater fishing that I love with a passion, and I know I don't do enough of it. But there are various plans afoot to try and rectify that this year..........

Anyway, one of my favourite places to go and smash decent pollack from the shore has to be the stunning Isles of Scilly, and the waters around there tend to dictate a specific approach if you fish certain spots - the water is often very deep, sometimes 100' plus, and so any amount of current is massively amplified when you are fishing at this depth. It was my mate Del who really introduced me to the whole concept behind deep spinning, and in the right place it is lethally effective but very simple to do. If you want to get down and fish the lure or bait right through the water column then you need a bit of lead to help you. Let the lure or bait sink down and then steadily retrieve it. If you get hit, don't stop winding. Huge fun, and of course this method works in some form all over the place.

This way is a generally accepted way of catching pollack in deep water and/or a bit of current. But is there another way that might work as well or perhaps even better ? I am the same as many other anglers in that we tend to first turn to the "accepted methods" - but some anglers then begin to question these "accepted methods" and think about how else they might approach the same situation ? Is there always a different or perhaps better way to go about it, or is the way it is currently being done the out and out best way already ?

A few years ago and I think I would have said yes, deep spinning has to be the best and perhaps only way of getting at these pollack when the water is so deep etc. But now I can't help but think of these modern, incredibly thin 8-strand braids, a powerful lure rod, and then these specialist casting jigs. But what is a casting jig ? Think about those weird vertical jigs that you might have seen for boat fishing, and then imagine a smaller 20-50g version that you can cast from the shore - still rigged with assist hooks, but these things cast like a bullet and sink really quickly. Could you take this more modern take on spinning and make it work on the pollack in the sort of situations I am talking about ? Personally I can see no reason why not. These casting jigs are lethal on species like pollack, but so far I have not tried to fish with them in such deep water as I might fish in the Isles of Scilly with my mate Del. I have been wracking my brain to come up with a reason as to why this approach might not work, but I can't. Why would this approach not work really well in deep water ? Guess I am going to have to go and find out...................