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Is there much logic to lure colours ?

I know there are some "hard and fast rules" to various lure colours for different light and water clarity, but often I wonder how much logic there actually is to using different colour lures. Take a lure like the Maria Angel Kiss 115mm that you can see above - the colour is what I might term a kind of "ultra-realistic" effect (any guesses as to what the lure might be trying to imitate ??!!) that in my mind is just hugely logical. If this prey species is around, then I would kind of expect bass to nail a lure that looks like them. The Angel Kiss is not an expensive bit of kit, but over the last few years I have developed a real respect for some of the Maria lures, and I like the fact that anglers can get hold of known killers for very sensible money (check here). But how often does the logical thing actually happen in fishing ?

I would guess that a big number of UK and perhaps even Irish bass anglers have at one time or another over the last few years either used the seriously killer Maria Chase BW in the holographic silver colour you can see above, or at least have a mate or two who have caught consistently on them. Personally this is the main lure that really begin to switch me on to lure fishing for bass in a really serious and addictive way, and for me the Chase BW has just killed in all different kinds of conditions - from flat seas and bright sunshine through to murky water, almost too rough to lure fish days when you are not that far away from getting washed in. But what on earth does the colour resemble in the natural world ? Beats me........

As with the Angel Kiss, this Maria Chase BW once again is a killer bass lure for not very much money, but for the life of me I can't see any logic as to why this particular holographic silver kind of rainbow colour works. I have never seen a bait fish resemble this lure in the UK or Ireland, but it just kills. Why ? I don't have a clue, but I do know that I always have a huge amount of confidence with bass lures that are similar to this colour, because I know from personal experience that I have caught bass in all kinds of light and conditions on this colour Maria Chase BW. I am into all kinds of modern lures in a big way (not that I have a problem or anything like that), but it would be foolish for me to forget the stuff that has worked so well for me in the past. Like guys with lures such as the Rapala J13 and the original Storm Jointed Thunderstick. Bass don't suddenly like hugely expensive new lures and nothing else.........

So once again we are onto the subject of "confidence" - does past history with certain colours predispose us to choosing one colour over another, more than taking heed of these "hard and fast rules", and does this mean we end up catching more on specific colours because we are very simply fishing better and for longer periods with certain colours ? Which then breeds confidence in that or those colours. I always like to have something in my lure box that really does resemble a natural prey species of the bass (like the Angel Kiss above - guessed what it imitates yet ??!!), but I do also like to have some lures that are based around silver, pink, holographic, and reflective. I personally think that the reflective thing is very important for bass fishing, but again that is purely because I have done well with reflective, "shiny" lures. I am confident when I am using them. But then I reckon I have met different bass anglers who all swear by very different colours. Who is right and who is wrong ? Who really cares if you are catching fish. Think out of the box.

Who really knows ? Although there are these "hard and fast rules" to lure fishing, personally I am a firm believer in throwing all rule books out of the window and going on instinct a lot of the time. In fishing as much as life. Trust yourself, speak to bass anglers either in person or on really good forums like the one here (you need to register, but it is worth it, great bunch of guys) about the colours they like, and then experiment as much as you can. I am sure we all base a lot of our lure buying (or lust ?) on whether the thing just looks right to our eyes. If anybody could ever give me a scientific explanation as to why bass like the colour you see above then please let me know, because it has always struck me as completely illogical. But it just plain works. The subject of lure colour is a monster......

And on the subject of monsters - I have been waiting for the new Rotting Christ album for ages now, for this Greek metal band gets to me in a huge way. Their last album "Theogonia" was my album of the year for 2007 (see here, where on earth does time go ?), so their new one has one hell of a reputation to follow for me personally - this always worries me with new releases when I so liked the previous one and then wonder how on earth the next one can live up to it. But Rotting Christ's new monster that is "Aealo" is just insane. How this band from Greece keeps on doing it I will never know, and I am not even sure how to describe their music - a kind of melodic black metal is along the right lines, but it does not come close to describing the unique, almost tribal vibe and feel that you get with these guys. Their music gets in my skull and pounds around in the best way possible. I would hazard a guess that a band name like Rotting Christ seemed awesome as a spotty teenager (hell, one of my bands at school was called Ritualistic Abuse, and yes, in case you were wondering, we did manage to offend the right people), but the band name now does no justice to the immensity of their creative output. Unquestionably one of the finest metal bands on this earth, and like with the recent new Fear Factory album, one that I just can't stop listening to over and over again. "Aealo" just keeps on growing. Check out a few tracks right here.