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Is this going to be the one ?

Ever since I got my hands on the original IMA Komomo SF-125 it has just done it for me as a bass lure. I had no idea when I first got one that it was an "old" lure, indeed I believe it was the first lure that IMA brought onto the market. Being a sucker for hard lures that swim nice and shallow and wiggle their stuff, this one had to go in the box of choice. The fact that it has worked lots and lots for me reinforces my belief in a lure that works like this. The original Komomo SF-125 casts ok, but one could never accuse it of being an out and out blaster of a lure. What it does do is catch fish. I have even landed an 8lb pollack on it that I unceremoniously foul-hooked early one morning in south east Ireland when we were chasing bass.

Considering that I am going to be thirty eight on Monday, and at that kind of age I consider myself a sort of grown up, some of you might well laugh at somebody like me being highly excited at the news that IMA were going to release a new, updated version of the Komomo SF-125. But those of you who have a serious lure problem like me will I am sure understand how news like this can excite an angler. Are we anglers all slightly mad, or are we the sane ones and the non fishermen are the nutters ? I won't even bother trying to answer that one.......

I have not yet taken this brand new IMA Komomo SF-125 out for a play yet, but at first glance it seems to be a tiny bit "bulkier" than the original model, and I have read somewhere that it is meant to cast much better, wiggle more in the water, and swim with a whole degree more stability. If all this is true then I am going to get properly excited about taking this little beauty out fishing this year. The original has been a lure for a couple of years now that I have tended to turn to when things got tough, and more often than not it has bailed me out. If the new one does what it is meant to then I might not be able to control myself. I think I might have answered my question from earlier !!

It was with the original Komomo SF-125 that I really sold myself on the whole thing of getting the rod tip up on the retrieve. Either I end up seeing things that I want to see, or that change of angle to the lure face really does promote a more intense action. Personally I am utterly convinced that getting the rod tip up with some lures really does help a huge amount, and it also means I can fish this lure over some stupidly shallow ground if needs be. Now if this new model does what it says, then I reckon it could be something very special indeed. Apparently it's perfectly normal to feel like this about a bit of plastic. Can you remember being taken to a toy shop as a youngster ? My mate Nick from Bass Lures is out at the Osaka fishing show in Japan at the moment, and I am guessing that he's feeling that feeling all the time out there. I get that kind of feeling when I go to one of those monster Bass Pro shops out in the US. It starts as a suffocating feeling of panic that I could never have enough time to really have a proper look around, and then over time it changes into a hyper-intense kind of excitement tempered with an attempt at inducing a bit of common sense. I now need to get out and play with my new toy..........

I went over the Plymouth last night to meet a bunch of guys who were out and about doing this ultra light lure fishing (often known as LRF). Photographically it's never going to be up to much when you have to use lots of flash, but it was great to see maybe a dozen people out fishing with really light lure gear and having a blast. OK, so the fish are not big at the moment, but as Matt said to me, "it's better to catch what's in front of you than not catch at all." (check out his blog here). What I find really exciting is that there is just so much more to this whole lure fishing thing than we could possibly have imagined say ten years ago. If your own fishing is standing still, it would be well worth having a look around at doing something completely different..........