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Is this the best fishing magazine in the world ?

I personally think that there are plenty of really good fishing magazines that cater to all manner of different anglers, but there are a few that to me rise above the rest due mainly to the consistent quality of the photography. And the Australian fishing magazine "Fishing Wild" is in my opinion just about the best that I have ever come across, and you can't imagine how proud it makes me feel to have them actually publishing some of my material. I get a real thrill when an editor picks up on the photographs of mine that I am always hoping will jump off the screen more than others if that makes sense, and the people at Fishing Wild always pick the images of mine that I would have chosen myself to illustrate my words. Does that make sense ?

Fishing Wild is edited and published four times a year by Col and Karen Roberts in Australia, and I have heard this publication likened almost to a kind of "fishing National Geographic". It does not matter what kind of fishing you are in to, or indeed where you actually do your fishing - just do all you can to get hold of a copy and then drool at how good fishing can look. We all know that our sport can look simply amazing, but how often do you find a fishing magazine that can actually translate this "awesomeness" onto the page ? Col Roberts himself is one of the world's top fishing photographers, so I guess it's pretty damned cool that he is at the head of this magazine.

The hard part for angler is to read a magazine like this four times a year and not then jump on a plane and move over to Australia. I am fortunate to travel with my work to some very cool places, but as yet I have never been to Oz, and every single thing I hear about the country and its fishing makes the publishing of such a strong magazine as Fishing Wild such perfect sense. Everybody I speak to who has experience of fishing or travelling in Australia raves about the place, and although we might currently hold the Ashes (had to get that one in, sorry), it strikes me that Oz has some of the finest fishing on this planet. One day..........in the meantime, get hold of this magazine and immerse yourself in a world of outrageously good looking fishing.