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Is this weather going to do it ?

With pickings as meagre as they have been recently I'll take any positive signs I can get - if you are a saltwater angler and have been suffering through more than two months of east-based winds then I'm pretty positive that you are in the same boat as me. The simple fact is that we don't live in a country where it's warm and sunny for long periods of time (really ?), and whilst I can but dream of living on an endless flat where fish such as bonefish, GTs, permit and tarpon stalk my deftly presented lures or flies, I do actually love living in the UK - but that is one of the reasons why I must be an eternal optimist.

Come on, be honest, how many different weather forecasts do you look at and how often do you check them ? Could the regularity with which many of us check the things out in fact be construed as a bit of fishing-driven OCD, or could it simply be that if you are into your saltwater lure fishing that you are as desperate as me for things to get going ? Wrasse may well be a hugely fun and often very willing species to nail on lures, but it seems that recently even they have shut up shop and essentially gone to ground until their world warms up a bit.

But the weather has finally shifted. The winds down here are now blowing from the south and south west and I am really hoping now that the fishing is going to get going pretty soon. I did have a go on Friday evening before it really blew up hard on Saturday and into Sunday, but even then where we thought we might be able to fish was on the dangerous side and we had to tuck away around the corner. Holy cow though did the light and conditions combine for a while as regards me and my cameras - the photos here are from Friday evening.

Sometimes I will shoot a bunch of photos like I did on Friday evening and then ask myself why ? Why shoot, edit and process a stack of photos when there were no fish caught ? Well I'll tell you why. Because I can't not. When the light starts to go a bit loopy and you've got "bouncy" sea conditions that together you know might give you something a bit magical, I would defy anybody for whom photography is a passion as much as fishing not to put their fishing gear down and fire away.

If you are remotely interested in golf then I bet you were up to 1am last night watching the final round of The Masters. I am so glad that Adam Scott won his first major title and you could see how much it meant to the bloke when his birdie putt dropped during the second extra hole. To hold a golf game together during what has to be the most extreme pressure imaginable, over a course as stunning yet as brutal as Augusta, that is sport at the highest level if you ask me, and yes, I think Tiger Woods should have been disqualified, or at least done the dignified thing and withdrawn from the tournament.

Keep on coming you nice mild south west winds.................