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Issue 2 of Adventure Fishing out now

Where on earth does time go ? It seems like only yesterday that I was putting up an announcement on this blog about this new fishing magazine "Adventure Fishing", and suddenly we are here at Issue 2. It's one hell of an interesting project to be so heavily involved in, and although I am really close to this magazine, I honestly believe that this new issue is stronger still than the first one..........

There's masses of stuff in here, from the far out jungle fly fishing for Bolivian gold (dorado) through to rock fishing on Ireland's west coast, along with mahseer, barramundi, bonefish, sea trout, lots of nice gear (including a review of a certain Daiwa Branzino lure fishing rod, not that I have a problem or anything like that !!), destination info etc. Honestly, it's amazing for somebody like me to go to these planning meetings, say my stuff, do what needs to be done (work !!, plus finding other people to work for the mag), and then a magazine kind of magically gets published. A lot of similarities to doing a fishing book, but magazines are a far faster turnaround. Scary deadlines sometimes, but working under pressure never hurt anybody.

The people who publish this magazine are really pleased with how things are going - they have no history of launching fishing magazines, but people really seem to be getting into this one. Plenty of us had always had a hunch that a magazine like this was needed here in the UK. There are loads of really good fishing mags already out there, and Adventure Fishing is deliberately designed not to clash with any of them. The world is a big place, and there is so much fishing out there. We welcome all feedback, good or bad.

One of the biggest thrills for me is the chance to correspond/work with other writers and photographers. I love seeing other peoples' work. We have got a stunning photo essay in the new issue from a hugely talented German photographer called Thomas Woelfe for example...............and lots of seriously cool plans for future issues. How much fun is to sit round a table and plan a magazine like this ? The only problem for me is that it is throwing up more and more awesome destinations and fishing that I am going to have to try and check out someday. Time and tide.............

There is a website for Adventure Fishing, check here. It is being developed more and more, but you can subscribe/buy online here, and if you have a talent for writing and photography, then please contact us either through my website, or by looking here. Believe it or not, magazines want to and need to hear from freelancers, and it is my hope that with Adventure Fishing we can help find lots of new talent within the world of fishing. Don't be shy !! We are interested in all kinds of fishing from all over the world. As long as it looks good and has an element of adventure to it, we will look at it. Near of far, exotic or more regular, fishing is fishing wherever you search - but how good can you make it look or read ?