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It absolutely wrecks my head when you catch a nice bass on a hard lure in a specific colour and you then find out that the colour is no longer available!

Holy cow that was a fun week or so of charging around Cornwall with Steve and also Mark when he could get some time off work. It’s August and for the most part we have had huge tides which aren’t exactly my favourite, so the fact that we caught bass at every single mark we have fished in Cornwall is pretty damn good I reckon. For sure there have been a lot of smaller bass, but in between we have picked up a few nice fish, and as ever for me it’s been how much fun we have had that will live in the memory……………

So the other day Steve, Mark and I made a plan to fish a location that none of us really knew but we had a good feeling about it. We decided to get there on the HW and fish the tide out, and when Steve landed a nice bass almost straight away that for me was the day made to be honest. I know I like my lures and it’s not as if I need any more, but Steve has been doing really well this week on the 5’’ MegaBass Spindle Worm fished on a 4/0 Gamakatsu Worm EWG Weighted Spring Lock hook with the 3.5g belly-weight. For some reason this exact combination has been doing the business for him in a bit of bounce and backwash and fizzed up green water especially. It’s some kind of sickness, because guess who is now purchasing this exact lure combination! 


Anyway, Tuesday of this week was a whopping big tide and the water just kept on stripping out and out to expose more and more stunning ground - so we followed it out. Steve pulled a fish out to my right and then he moved off to fish some more ground, but I couldn’t walk away quite yet as there was a nice looking lump of rock just underneath the surface that I hadn’t covered yet because I couldn’t get my DoLive Stick at it with how the wind was coming in and across us.

So I delve into one of the two lure boxes I carry when I am out fishing. You already know of my increasing obsession with white lures in almost all conditions and times of the day and night, and sitting there winking at me was a white coloured (“Ice Shad”) little IMA iBorn 98F that has done really well for me over the last couple of years. I liked the iBorn from the first day I saw one when a couple of clients brought them over to Ireland and they worked almost straight away, and whilst I do use more and more soft plastics these days, as I said I wanted to cover that particular rock and I needed a hard lure that swam nice and shallow and casts like a little bullet to get me into position. 

Steve’s two or three bass had already made my day and proven to me that this particular mark warrants a lot more attention (wow is there a section of the location that is wrecking my head with how I think it might fish at night), but a couple of casts later with that stunning little iBorn and I get one hell of a bang on it. I keep turning the reel handle and a second or so later my rod slams over and there’s what feels like a decent fish on the end - and as well as the fish scrapped it never received a single millimetre of line from me. Each to their own as ever, but I would rather use the bend of the rod to control the fish rather than let it scream off when it doesn’t need to. I get a glimpse of the bass thrashing around on the water, I use a nice wave to help dump the fish at my feet, and I radio Steve to ask if he could please come back over to me as I needed to get a few photos of this bass.


We measured the bass (in the water I might add, more to come on this) at 70cms and of course I was over the moon to have caught this beautifully conditioned fish from a new mark in the height of summer and not very far from where I live. I have caught and seen enough serious fish around the world to never worry for one second who catches what, so as much as I am obviously happy that the bass jumped on my lure, it’s the fact that we took a calculated punt - and credit to Steve for suggesting we move way along the mark to cover the actual ground we were on instead of sticking it out where we had been fishing - and that our punt paid off which is what really floats my boat. I love fishing new ground and exploring is such an important part of lure fishing for me.


When we get back to my house I put a head shot of the bass up on Facebook and because I can’t see a reason for being all secret squirrel about what lure a fish was caught I mention the lure and the specific colour of IMA iBorn 98F on there as well. In no time at all a few anglers post on my Facebook page to tell me that this lovely “Ice Shad” (white) colour of iBorn is no longer being made by IMA over in Japan - aaarrrggghhhh! In some respects it’s my fault for not having bought a backup or two of this particular lure which has continued to produce bass for me - and yes, as ever I don’t know if the colour makes a difference and I have caught on various other colours of iBorn and they may well have caught that particular bass if I had had a different one in my box and so on - but as per the title of this blog post, it absolutely wrecks my head when you catch a nice bass on a hard lure in a specific colour and you then find out that the colour is no longer available! 


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