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It breaks my head when you fancy there being some good fish around but any options you might have are scuppered - Happy New Year!

Now this could well be because I simply don’t have enough options up my sleeve to deal with the current weather conditions we have got around here at the moment, but it’s breaking my frigging head that the water is still relatively warm and only the other day it felt about as bassy as it has all year - but aside from playing with DoLive Sticks in the bath I can’t think of a single viable option to try and get at a few bass on lures………….

Happy New Year by the way, and I hope you all had a good Xmas with families and friends. Mark and I headed out for a bit of bass fishing on Christmas Eve morning and it looked so damn good that I told myself I was going to sell all my fishing gear if at least a bass wasn’t landed. Hell, this is exactly what I said when I posted a photo of Mark’s fish up on Facebook: “With the conditions as stunning as they were when we were walking down this morning, I had made the executive decision that if at least one bass wasn't landed then I was going to sell all my lure fishing tackle, buy an all in one lycra body suit, and take up running with (or rather, lagging miles behind) my two girls.” You know when it’s starting to kick up before a storm rolls in and the water is tumbling around and it’s all lovely and green and fizzing and every single cast you are feeling the love? Well that’s how good it looked the other day.


OK, so the fishing wasn’t epic and to be honest it’s been strangely quiet around here in south east Cornwall for a while now - Nov and Dec are two months I look forward to all year for bass fishing, but my local waters haven’t been on fire at all. Mark saved me from selling my gear/wearing lycra and running though by landing a beautifully conditioned bass around 5lb+ on the smaller Feed Shallow (he’s bloody deadly with those lures) and we were both looking forward to a load more bass fishing over the Xmas period……….

Screenshot 2018-01-03 05.31.40.jpg

Mmmmmmm, perhaps not! Obviously you can’t get greedy with the time of year and the weather we can obviously get, but bloody hell are we copping it at the moment - with what we’ve got going on conditions wise, well it’s testing my (lack of?) knowledge and viable options! The rivers are full of freshwater and look like hot chocolate, the open coast around me is brown and horrible and blown out, and where I really want to be because I fancy it so much at this time of year (north Cornwall) is far too dangerous to fish because of the swells that keep on coming in - and the swell forecast on Magic Seaweed right now makes for some interesting reading indeed.

Is cabin fever a genuine thing that anglers can suffer from? It doesn’t feel so frustrating when you know that the chances of catching a bass are as good as zero because it’s say the middle of February, but give me some decent conditions and I really do fancy this time of year. I find myself checking a bunch of different weather forecasts in the hope that one of them isn’t saying the same thing as the others and therefore I can hope once more that in due course the coastline will clear up and I can get the hell out there. In the meantime, Happy New Year again and here’s to whatever 2018 may bring………………