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It makes my day when anglers are kind enough to share tips and tricks that could well help many of us catch a few more fish

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday: A big reason for me asking various questions on here is because there are some mighty fine anglers checking in who are often kind enough to share information that can help us all catch a few more fish. The experts will always know it all anyway, but if you are anything like me then you are doing all you can to keep on learning about fishing - with my profound thanks to Marin Augustin for posting this information yesterday about a lure that I simply haven't got to grips with at all, the Samson Lures Enticer Minnow:


“Slowly slowly retrieve, leave it to sink for 2 or 3 seconds, up again on surface on retrieve and always shake softly the tip of the road, never stop shaking the rod. It's deadly when you catch the dance. From July to November Enticer give me like 300 bass on any condition. Now on my bag I have 1 box with fbm and 3 Enticers , 2 on 25 grams and 1 on 30 grams. On 25 it was the summer winner." 300 bass on the one lure last year? Yep, damn right, I am going to dig mine out and give it a damn good thrashing in exactly the way that Marin has kindly described. Thanks to all of you on here who take the time to give over tips and tricks like this.....................

Now this could of course be any lure really, but my original question the day before on Facebook was whether anybody was aware of a viable alternative to the outstanding Xorus Patchinko II surface lure. Do I need an alternative? Perhaps not, but it’s January and I am always interested in learning new stuff via research, watching other anglers, and of course asking questions. From day one we have encouraged our girls to learn and explore and ask questions and I will never understand an angler who doesn’t do the same. Surely the whole point of fishing is to try and get better at it?


And it just so happens that this Samson Lures Enticer Minnow is a lure that I did play around with a bit last year but I can’t pretend for one second that I really got to grips with it - and please note that this Samson Lures Enticer Minnow is a different lure to the Samson Lures Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait which I did okay on (check here). And yes, I do find the Samson Lures lure names a tad confusing! I did get very excited about those GT Ice Creams when I stumbled upon them a few years ago, but as outrageously as they cast I just haven’t seen enough bass action on them to make them a staple of my lure box - could I fish them a bit differently though, as Marin above is doing with his Enticer Minnow? They are frigging missiles and when you’ve got a good angler like that quoting around 300 bass on it I’d be daft not to sit up and take notice - and it’s a big thanks from me to those of you here who are kind enough to share information like this. You all have a good weekend and I hope that if you’re still going at the bass you manage to find a few.

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