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It’s amazing how much one single bass can give you such a lift

OK, so it was a good fish and anybody would get a buzz from seeing a bass like that, but wow didn’t James’ roughly 8.5lb bass yesterday afternoon give us all an extra big lift - this has been some tough fishing, and although the weather was pretty stunning yesterday, a bit of sunshine doesn’t magically mean the coastline is going to be in great shape after the recent weather shenanigans. If there is one thing though that many parts of Ireland have, it’s options as regards the fishing and where you can go. You drive around and you keep a very close eye on water conditions, and between us we took the decision to fish a mark where we have all done really well before - plenty of current, we have caught there in bright conditions, and the water was looking in pretty good shape.

Little bit of sunburn there James!!

Little bit of sunburn there James!!

One bite and you need to make it count, and James knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to bass fishing. It’s not the best time of year for this particular spot, but I had a nice 7lb bass there when I stopped off in Dungarvan for a day on my way back home from guiding in Kerry last April - and that was my only bite in that session. James grew up around here and has just got back home from doing a PHD in Scotland, and I know he’s been dying to get back on his bass fishing. All those reports of awesome bass fishing on the last set of (settled) springs would have broken him!! We were bumping Black Minnows down the current yesterday afternoon, and I know that James was using the 120mm/12g combination in that regular khaki colour that I am sure has produced a scary amount of big bass over the last few years for any number of anglers.

One bite, one fish, and I reckon it was around the 8.5lb mark. The bass was in stunning condition and went back really strongly after a few photos. I am really liking the look of James’ new lure rod, the 8’6’’ 10-30g Major Craft X-Ride, and you can’t really christen a rod much better than with that particular bass. We have got one more day out here and then we head for home, and although it’s been one tough trip with the weather all over the place, I love how a hard one only goes and makes you want to come back even more. Steve and I know how good it can be out here when it fires, and we are both perfectly realistic with our expectations. Come enough and make the best decisions you can and sometimes it all comes together just right. Well done James, great to see a fish like that coming in and then swimming away again. You all have a good weekend. I always miss Ireland when I leave, but I am so looking forward to seeing my wife, girls and of course Storm my sheepdog. Travelling is great, but home is always the best.