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It's been up and down.....

The bass fishing here in Ireland has been up and down for us since that first epic day - we have caught fish all over the place, but there has been no real consistency, and apart from another good fish that I managed to shake off for Cian the other evening (don't ask !!), in general the size of fish has been small to medium. Not sure why, and conditions have been mainly good, but I guess that is why we keep coming back. There is a huge amount of baitfish in the water at the moment, so perhaps the predators out here are somewhat pre-occupied ? There is a reason I am sure, but you could drive yourself mad trying to figure things out !! When it does go off, it goes off big time - as we saw on our first day.......

We have all been using a load of different lures throughout the week, based mainly on the areas and ways in which we have been fishing, but also to see what might work in different situations. Lots to talk about in the near future - lures, rods, reels, lines etc. As always, I have been learning loads and loads about bass fishing, and nothing beats actually getting out there and smashing fish. I was over the moon to take a new lure out the other morning and take a nice fish almost straight away. Sometimes I guess you just get a feeling that a particular lure is going to work on a specific place you are fishing, and this was the case. The same thing happened again with another new (to me) casting jig that I had earmarked for one spot that really gets me going. First cast, bass on. Hugely satisfying. A big part of the thrill for me. I love my fishing all the more when I am learning all the time.

The quality of the light has been fairly consistently awesome for me out here - I never go anywhere without my cameras and a few lenses, and as we move from summer into autumn, in general the light gets far more interesting. We were driving along the Copper Coast road one evening, heading back to our house in Dungarven, and this was the scene in front of us. Driving to me is a means to an end, but that road is stunning, and when the light off like this you just have to look for a vantage point and rattle off a few frames. This Copper Coast would take several life times to try and figure out as regards the bass fishing on offer........what a place.

My apologies for the lack of blog posts this week, but for various reasons the wi-fi stopped working for a few days. Technology is great when it works !! Much as the fishing has been up and down for us, it was firing big time just before we got here (sod's law), and it is going to fire again. The local lads have been so kind to us as always. There really is nowhere like Ireland if you are into your fishing. We have one last day at it and then we head for home on Sunday. It's currently flat calm with big blue skies, and while this might not be ideal for the open coast, we have a few places up our sleeves which might just work. That's the thing about southern Ireland - there is usually a bunch of different kinds of bass fishing terrain within easy reach that can fire at different times.

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