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It's getting hard to concentrate........

...when you keep on hearing reports of big bass literally jumping on the end of various lures. I am meant to be eyes down this end at the moment pushing out magazine articles and processing photographs, but my mind keeps wandering, and a big part of me simply wants to chuck my computers out of the window and take myself off to Ireland. If bass fishing is your thing, then drool all you like over the fish right here. Patrick is nailing them big time for his clients. You can't get better feedback than from a guy who is out there all the time. When Ireland fires, it fires properly.

I am usually pretty good at keeping up to date with processing photos from the various shoots I do, but I had to put my August Irish trip material on the backburner and concentrate on going to Bolivia and Mongolia, and then sorting out all the images from those trips for a couple of deadlines. But I have caught up now, and here a couple of little bass detail shots from August, on a fish that my mate Andy nailed on an Xorus Patchinko - one of the great surface lures. Whack it out, get the rod tip up, and "walk" it back - a high rod tip makes it far less tiring on your forearms, and the lure works just as well like this. Then drop the rod tip as the lures comes closer to you. Andy loves his Patchinko so much he even went after one when it cracked off - those with a sensitive disposition should avert their eyes, but here's the proof. A braver man than me.....

And talking of Ireland, I am heading back out there in mid-October for a week or so - much as I love the place, I do actually need as much bass related material as I can get my hands on. I know of no better place to do this. Still trying to persuade my wife that we need to move over there for good.............

Anyway, these two items are going to help you concentrate properly - a couple of new metal videos that are a load of fun. Kinda cheesy in places, but the songs are good. The mighty Dutch death metal group God Dethroned's new video is here, and Norway's Susperia has a new one here. Bang your head and be proud !! But none of these videos can come close to stirring the soul quite as much as one of my all time favourite death metal tracks - each time I blast it out of my speakers, I feel like becoming a Viking. Even my two girls love this song. The mighty, awesome, emotional and insanely good "Cry of the Blackbirds" by the one and only Amon Amarth. Watch the video here and let's all become Vikings together. Oh, and then I might take myself off somewhere and try growing up.

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