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It's like seeing the world in high-def

There's no getting away from the fact that decent polarised sunglasses are one of the most important things we can lay our hands on when it comes to fishing - whether you go for bass, bonefish, redfish or mullet etc., the extra vision that good polarised lenses give you is invaluable. And not to mention the protection they afford your eyes during long periods on the water, plus the cover they give your eyes with hooks flying around. I am not one for jumping from product to product, but for a while now I have been wearing and testing some Costa del Mar sunglasses, and I simply can not speak highly enough of them. I mean it when I say that it's like seeing the world in high-def - their 580 lenses are off the scale they are so good.

The "Man-o-War pair" above work just fine for me, but it's the different kinds of 580 lenses that need a bit of explanation for our fishing. I have used various colours of their 580 lenses and I reckon I have found the best ones for various situations that we face here and abroad. Bass fishing is obviously one of the things I do most, and whereas you might think that perhaps the 580 Copper lenses would give us the best overall feel for our northern European fishing, in fact I reckon that the 580 Silver lenses are the best all round ones. The Copper ones are stunning for bright days, but the Silver ones have the edge I reckon for all kinds of light - they have a slight warm-up feel to them that I like hugely, but they just seem to have this extra clarity for the various types of light we come across in our fishing. I am not convinced that "Silver" is the best word to describe the silver lenses if that makes sense, for they are like a toned down version of the copper ones. Whatever they are called though, mine are virtually welded to my face. And those extra rubber bits on the frames of the glasses above can be easily removed if you want to. I have used and abused mine in the UK, Iceland, Ireland, Bolivia and Mongolia so far and they are going as strong as they were on day one.

If you are after a somewhat "warmer" feel to the world, then use the Costa del Mar 580 Copper lenses - if I had never come across the Silver ones then I would happily use these virtually all the time. There is some weird technology going on with these 580 lenses, for they just seem to give that extra bit of "lift" to what you see. I can't explain it very well, except to say that if you after some proper polarised sunglasses, you owe it to yourself to go and try a pair on. Everything just seems to become that much "clearer" if that makes any sense !! I know that Nick Hart does them at his shop, so give them a shout and ask them what they think - check here. Even better, drop in if you are in the area and try some on.

Now there is one particular kind of Costa del Mar 580 lens that is an extra bit special for really bright conditions - if you fish the tropical flats or are lucky enough to get some big, blue sky days over here, then the 580 Green Mirror polarised lenses are insane. I don't know what it is, and I have no idea why green mirror should provide such a "snap" in clarity when fishing in bright conditions, but they do. I first played around with a pair back in Belize earlier in the year when a friend of mine had some with him, and although I was reluctant to admit it, they completely blew me away on the flats. They are that good. I still think the 580 Silver lenses are the best all round ones for us (and bear in mind that I have not yet tried the 580 Gray or Blue Mirror), but for certain specific applications I can't get over how good these 580 Green Mirror ones are. No, they are not cheap, and no, not every angler can justify buying a pair. But if you are after the best out there, then Costa del Mar is where it's at right now. I very much like the fact that virtually every guide and good fisherman I work with overseas is wearing Costa del Mar sunglasses, and this means to me that this company is deadly serious about working within the sport fishing market. "Costas" as they are known have been around for a while now, we all know that, but it's with these 580 lenses that I reckon they have hit the jackpot with anglers.

If you managed to get out fishing over the weekend, I hope you did well. Autumn seems to have arrived literally in the last couple of days down here, and I am hearing lots and lots of good reports from all over the place. But you might like to check out Patrick's blog right here - they had a shed load of bass yesterday, with the biggest about 7lbs, all on lures, and all returned. I am off over to Ireland the middle of next week, and I can't wait. Might pop into a few estate agents and start dreaming !! Honestly, I don't know how much more I can take of not living over there.............

How could we get through a Monday without a regular does of black metal ? IT HAS ARRIVED AND IT IS TRULY SPECIAL. The new Immortal album "All Shall Fall" popped through my letterbox late last week, and after repeated listens I reckon it's going to take something truly special to knock this masterpiece off my album of the year spot. I wanted it to be awesome, and I would have been gutted if it had not been. I had to give it multiple spins to convince myself that it really was as good as I thought it was first off, and that I was not blinding myself with the fact that Immortal are one of the greatest metal bands in the world (trademark ). "All Shall Fall" is just so good I am slightly at a loss for words. If black metal can take your breath away, then this album does that all the way through. Heavier than hell, catchier and more memorable than I ever thought possible, full of different moods, paces and feel - some music just has "atmosphere" in spades, and Immortal has always had this. This latest CD has heaps of it, indeed I can close my eyes, let the music thunder through my skull, and in an instant I am in the frozen, icy grimness of the north, waving my (once) long hair around and howling at the stars. Atmosphere ? Immortal puts you right there. If any kind of metal is your thing, then at least go and listen to the opening track "All Shall Fall" on their MySpace page here. I just can't see how music can get any better than this. Even my two girls love dancing around to this track when I blast it out downstairs. "Please Dad, can you put black metal on ?" I kid you not. My wife thinks we are all mad, but you have to start 'em young. If any album this year can knock this new Immortal one of its perch then I will be amazed. I am a happy man.

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