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It's so damn special to be around bass like this

Catching a good number of angry, scrappy, bass in about as good a condition as you could ever hope to find is surely quite enough for any angler as it is, but just sometimes a very special fish comes along and you can’t help but act like a bunch of overexcited school children after it has safely swum away and you’re left to process how amazing that really was…………

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We have had some decent fishing during daylight hours, but as is becoming increasingly the way these last few years, it’s when darkness settles and non-fishing people are indoors doing what non-fishing people do that we are seeing the best of the fishing. The number of good bass that are jumping on the white senkos at night out here is pretty damn special - with a few to needlefish as I slowly get to grips with how best to fish them, albeit whacking them out and winding them in a la white senkos seems to be doing ok - but on Monday night I got a rather excited yelp over the radio that it might be worth my while traipsing back across the rocks to see the bass that Steve has just landed.

Ireland Sept 2017 - 1009.JPG

You know the moment you see that stunner of a bass lying in a rockpool that it’s a double, but because you don’t want to get it wrong it comes out at first as “easy 9lb plus”, when if that’s only 9lbs then I am not having increasingly serious issues with DoLive Sticks and Competitive Colour Buying. Steve is in a bit of a state of shock, I am breaking out the camera gear, the main issue of course is to keep the fish safe and calm, and if you had recorded our conversation just then I would be interested to hear just how overexcited and inarticulate we were sounding! “&^%$ that’s a monster, @!&^ she’s a beast, *%$£ it’s awesome”, and so on. Mature stuff basically!

Anyway, so we get her weighed and photographed and safely returned - just over 11.5lbs of about the most stunningly conditioned bass you could ever see, and yet again Ireland has given us mere visitors a kind glimpse at the sort of bass fishing you can sometimes get when things come together. Anybody who comes fishing over here has had good trips and tough trips, but it’s when you see lure fishing like we are getting at the moment that you fall head over heels in love yet again with this magical country, and all you can think about is when you can come back again. I am so pleased for you Steve - I know how much a bass like that means and I consider it an honour to be around you landing another fish of a lifetime. Holy frigging cow. What more can you say?

Ireland Sept 2017 - 1010.JPG